Liberal media is trying to project onto Cantor Obama’s childish behavior

Eric Cantor is really the adult in the room.  But the media is once again engaging in projection and protecting their hero Obama. 

Just made a quick surf to MSNBC and it is very amusing to watch.  The Child in Chief has been acting like, well, a child actually storming out of the meeting yesterday and having some words with Eric Cantor.  Obama is throwing little tantrums because HE is not getting his way.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the Obama network has chosen Eric Cantor to project all of Obama’s actions onto.  They show the fine Harry Reid saying something about Eric being childish and quoting somebody as saying, “It’s all about Eric.”  This is exactly Obama to the “t”.  Then somebody else says that Eric is upset because he is not getting his way.  Again, they are going all out to project onto Eric Obama’s childish and unpresidential behavior.  They are in their usual frenzy.  You can always tell when the memo has gone out and all have gotten together on what particular lie they will be pushing for the day.  Today it’s “childish.”

You’re looking silly, media.  Harry Reid, you are silly and that goes without saying.

And from what I am hearing, Mitch McConnell, et al, are basing everything they do on their fear of the media and how they will be protrayed there.  Well, we know it won’t be good no matter what they do so why do they care?  Now the reports will glow if the republicans are licking the dem’s boots and doing exactly what they want them to do.   So when I hear Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi praise Boehner and McConnell and go batty over Cantor that tells me that Cantor is the guy who is fighting the good fight. 

My question is, and I would love for somebody to answer this: 

Since the debt has gone up from 8 trillion dollars when Obama took office to 14 trillion right now, if he gets the 2 trillion he is requesting, how long will it be before there has to be another one, six months, a year? 

So just how high do they plan to go with this?  What IS the limit.  $14 trillion is not the limit.  $16 trillion won’t be the limit.  Exactly how high is this ceiling?

UPDATE:  I log on this morning and the first thing I see is Yahoo pushing this theme.  So here you have a video of Harry Reid in all his glory on the floor of the Senate.  I would be ashamed.  No integrity whatsoever. 

It’s right out of Comedy Central, Dems.  You look foolish.

This video has disappeared “no longer available” so here’s Reid on the Senate floor talking about Cantor being “childish.”  This is just gross projection.

Posted:  07.14.11 @ 11:30 p.m.  Updated: 07 15.11 @ 7:01 a.m.

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