Debt increased from 8 Trillion to 14 Trillion under Obama and he wants MORE

President Obama says he has to BORROW money to pay next month’s Social Security, disability, and veterans benefit checks.  Think about that.  I think he is lying.  Even worse, he is telling the truth and the United States government is so broke it has to break the backs of the most vulnerable and helpless people in the country to get by.   Americans have no faith in their government because there’s nothing there to believe in.

If he is telling the truth that he has to borrow money from the Chinese to pay next month’s bills, he is incompetent and should be Impeached.

Hmmm, and What Happened to the 2.6 trillion dollar Trust Fund?

You won’t believe who the trustees of Social Security and Medicare are:        ******

The debt ceiling has already been raised 3 times since Obama took office and he’s going for a fourth.   It was at 8 Trillion when Bush left office.  It is now at 14 Trillion and climbing. 

Might just as well do away with the debt “ceiling” because there is no ceiling, there is no limit.  It’s like me getting just as many credit cards as I can get my hands on and spending them all to the max as fast as I can.  When the limits are met, hell, means nothing, just hurry up and get some more before they downgrade my credit score.  

Money for nothing – that’s the way you do it…..

Obama himself said in 2006 it was a lack of leadership to keep raising the debt ceiling, yet he has more than doubled it in two years. 

President Pullups wants his high speed rail and he does not care if he has to starve the American people to get it.

To quote Whoopi:  I am sick of this shit!

******The post linked to here was written in April, 2011, referring to the 2010 report.  In May it looks like the 2011 report was published.  Apparently at this point the two public trustees have been appointed.  In fact, they issue a statement at the end saying they were appointed late fall of 2010.  The public trustees are:  Charles P. Blahous III and Robert D. Reischauer, joining Geithner, Solis, Sebelius, and Astrue.

Posted:  07.13.11 @ 6:48 a.m.   Updated:  07.14.11 @ 6:30 a.m.

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