Barack Obama is lying more than Casey Anthony

Is there any mindset which defines Obama’s default attitude better than to say it is simply “adolescent?” No, for the following reasons. Barack’s interactions with the real world evokes from him responses which can be described as: angry; superior, haughty, dismissive, dishonest, petulant, cocky, petty, vengeful, mocking, holier-than-thou, and full of faux-insights and dishonesty. In other words, Barack acts like a big kid pretending to be someone he’s not, everyday on the job. This is not only aggravating to observe, and depressing to consider, but worse—extraordinarily dangerous for a leader.

Posted:  07.11.11 @ 11:46 a.m.


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6 responses to “Barack Obama is lying more than Casey Anthony

  1. loopyloo305



  2. Anonymous

    I just made the same observation in a political debate forum – “Obama lies like Casey Anthony” – and then I googled to see if anyone else had.

    Lets see how long it takes to permeate the blogosphere.


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  4. samantha

    he is a compleat liar i wouln’dt vote for him


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