Another Rick Santelli shot heard around the world

Santelli:  “…..the next election may make last November look like child’s play.”


Oh, you gotta love this guy. 

This is what the American people are shouting from their living rooms.  Around about 72 percent of the people do not want the debt ceiling to be raised.  That’s 72 percent.

Looks like Warren Buffett and these other blabbermouths are taking up the insane talking points of the president and his mouthpiece the media. 

Obama says, “The republicans are holding a gun to the heads of the American people.” 

Bullshit!  But if we want to talk about a gun – and nobody can complain about “violent rhetoric” because the president of the United States said it first – then Santelli says it best: 

“I so disagree with Warren Buffett.  I so disagree.”

“The bullet is in the gun.  And if we keep spending, it’s going to hit something and it’s going to bleed.”

 It is sickening to listen to these talking heads parrot the lies and misconceptions the administration is putting out. 

Farr says, “Hold their feet to the fire but not with this gun.”  “Where does compromise come from?”

Santelli:  “I don’t believe in compromise on spending.  Stop spending.”

“Live within the revenue intake.  Give us a budget.  What have they been doing for two years?”

“How long do you think that bullet’s going to take before it comes out the gun?”

 I don’t think they realize yet that the people are on to the way they manipulate the numbers and in effect lie about the whole thing.  We understand that we can pay the interest bearing debt with revenue intake.  We get this.  So we pay that first and then we have to look at what is left.  Some spending will have to go, but it needs to  go.  We can start with things like NPR and Planned Parenthood.  That’s just a drop in the bucket of the unnecesary and wasteful spending that our federal government engages in.  There’s a whole lot of things that may make sense in a time of plenty but must be looked at in a different way in a time of crisis. 

We could end tax exempt status of shyster organizations like Media Matters, which exist to do the progressives’ bidding and try to actually exterminate opponents and separate them from their jobs.  I don’t know who they are attacking today because I wouldn’t give them a click for all the money in the world.

And it is insulting and infuriating for the democrats to keep grinding on this idea that they are the saviors of the world and the only ones who want to “save” medicare. 

The democrats are the ones who will destroy medicare.  They have already taken $500 billion dollars from medicare to help fund Obamacare.   This cuts benefits for recipients right now.  Obamacare, in it’s final plan, will be the elimination of medicare.  Obamacare has as its objective to put the whole country under a medicare type program and then exercise control over who gets the treatment, prioritizing for the young as opposed to the old because all will be based on somebody’s interpretation of who’s life has the most “value.”

So I see all this screeching as a desperate attempt to regain the control the media has had on the minds of the people.  It’s gone.  Nobody believes them.  They all remind me of watching a film of an exorcism.  The vile spirit spits, it cusses, it screams, it writhes, it tries as hard as it can to maintain control, but if the exorcist is strong enough and does not give up, it must go.  This is the democrats and the media as you see them today.  Screaming, spitting, and cussing.

The republican plan – the only plan out there – to try to save medicare does not do anything to reduce benefits on Social Security and medicare for those on it now and for ten years down the road.  Yet they continue to scream that the republicans want to destroy medicare as we know it.  Medicare “as we know it” is broke within about ten years and then nobody will get any benefits.  That’s nobody.

The people know that the congress has stolen from the Social Security fund and stuffed the lock box with IOUs they can’t pay back.  If they had left it as it was promised, there may be enough money for it to fund itself.  But, no, they are greedy.  Greedy never pays off in the end.

Excellent article on what’s going on at the bottom line:

See National Debt in real time: U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time.  (Thanks, Ginger, caught your link on FB.)

And speaking of Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett’s worried about his own pocketbook – that’s all he’s worried about.  Didn’t know he owned Geico…..

🙂 🙂

Posted:  07.09.11 @7:37 a.m.


“The bullet is in the gun and if we keep spending it’s going to hit something and it’s going to bleed.”


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4 responses to “Another Rick Santelli shot heard around the world

  1. loopyloo305

    Perhaps this means that the media is starting to wise up. He has done a few recently and they are running with them. People are tuning in just to hear him. That means that they get better ratings and more profits. Perhaps that will make others do the same and start giving us what we want, the truth!


    • bellalu0

      You’re right. I’m still trying to figure out what that short little Obama press conference was about yesterday – the press conference where he didn’t take any questions. He was muttering something about things we could do “now.” Maybe he was trying to answer this.


  2. Anonymous

    Santelli is one piece of work. I really like that guy!


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