Casey will probably walk free this morning

I am expecting Casey Anthony to be released with time served today.  At maximum she could only be sentenced to 4 years.

So the jury has spoken.  I can understand their verdict.  I really can.  I remember when the state closed their case, I thought, is that it?  Big holes remained.  But for the remainder of the trial I was not on her side.  I guess almost no one was or is.

I do hope she is charged with restitution for the massive fraud she pulled.  And I really think her lawyer(s) should be sanctioned or fined, too, because at least Baez knew from the beginning Caylee was dead.  He has been her attorney for the entire time, and almost the first sentence out of his mouth at opening was that Caylee was NEVER missing.  So it is unthinkable how they let it go on and on.  Under any scenario, the state’s or the defense’s, there was no need for any search.   Honestly, the accident theory to me is almost worse than a murder.  At least in murder, you might expect that the body would be hidden and tossed, but if this was an accident, they gave their dogs a better burial than they gave Caylee.  Horrifying. 

I do think they should transport her to Pinellas County and deposit her there upon release.  Maybe one or more of the jurors would like to take her in. 

Just being sarcastic.   I heard she and Cindy will be going to Texas.  Good for Florida.  Bad for Texas.

Posted:  07.07.11 @ 8:11 a.m.


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5 responses to “Casey will probably walk free this morning

  1. bellalu0

    Oh, my gosh. She is really preening. Hair down. Jose just walked in and she gave him a little smile and raised her eyebrows slightly. I guess she’s trying out for her Vivid movie. Oh, my, the two of them, they are close and personal – I think she’ll have Jose’s baby.


  2. Anonymous

    Judge Perry gives her 4 years – CONSECUTIVE. She’s not going home today.


  3. Bella, Neither one of them, Casey Anthony or her lawyer, can out run Karma. That sudden stop is what get’s em every time. It’s pretty disgusting watching her smirk – she’s pretty impressed with herself. That’s one sick individual, may God see to it, that she can bear no more innocent tragedies.


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