Jury’s out in Casey Anthony trial

Now that the jury is out I’ll give my theory of the case.  It could be more imagination than anything else, but it makes every bit as much sense as the accidental drowning scenario advanced by the defense.

As far as I’m concerned what we know for sure is not much.

One – We know Caylee Anthony is indeed deceased.

Two – And we know for sure that her mother, Casey, is a liar.  Not only a liar, but living in a fantasy world among a host of people who do not exist.

Three – I am convinced it was a murder.  Whoever put that duct tape on her face did not intend to take it off. 

I don’t believe I have ever known anyone like Casey Anthony.  And I am surprised there was not a sanity issue presented.  Maybe it was not to the point of not knowing right from wrong, but it is definitely not normal behavior and I can’t believe that the people who lived with and around her did not know there was something wrong. 

When Cindy made the statement on the witness stand that she had no reason not to believe what Casey told her when she was relating all the crazy reasons she was giving her as to where Caylee was, I don’t believe it.  I don’t believe that Cindy never had clues or misgivings that something was wrong with Casey, as in where she was and what she was doing for two solid years she was supposed to be working and did not have a job, let alone probably all her life. 

George gave a vague reference in his suicide letter that he had been wondering for at least a year about something being amiss, but was told not to be negative.  Well, being negative and refusing to face reality could be pretty much the same thing.

Anyway, we know Caylee is dead and we know Casey is a liar.

Beyond that, I waited for the state to prove to me Casey killed Caylee.  It never happened.

The defense’s crazy accidental drowing theory is really an insult, and requires suspension of all common sense.  It defies all reason to say a person would put duct tape on the face of a dead child, not call 911, let alone throw her in the woods in three bags without a proper burial.  A person covers up a murder by claiming an accident but never would one cover up an accident with a murder.  George may be a lot of things, but he is nowhere near that callous.  It was irritating when Jose Baez shouted about George being the villian in this.  And you have to believe he was echoing what his client had told him.  Another big Casey lie. 

I think it is possible that there is an element of truth in Casey’s story that Caylee was kidnapped.  What was Casey doing for two years she was supposed to be working?  Where was Caylee during all this time?  Maybe she was negligent, which I think she was a terrible mother, and left her here and there to get her out of the way and really did not know or care who she left her with.  Maybe one of these times, she goes back and she can’t find Caylee or the person she left her with.  So somehow Caylee fell into the hands of someone who harmed her.  We don’t know if she was sexually assaulted because the body was skeletonized and had been dead too long to do any such testing.

I will always contend that the duct tape is the elephant in the room and the part that does not fit.  The duct tape does not fit.  Duct tape is found on bodies placed there by men, usually as part of a sexual assault.  Probably hundreds and hundreds of examples can be found.  I just don’t accept Casey placing duct tape on Caylee’s face. 

Maybe this person who took her deposited her in the woods near the house in order to throw suspicion onto someone in the Anthony house.  I was not able to see the pictures clearly that depicted the place where the body was found, so I can’t say how long I think it was there before found.

The state’s case connected the body to the Anthony house – in a way. 

I didn’t think the dogs sitting down in the back yard was very impressive.  Maybe they were just tired or maybe they picked up a smell of all the animals that were buried in that yard.

The shovel?  I don’t see that as meaning much of anything.  Would she be trying to bury a partially decomposed body?  I don’t think so.

The computer search?  Pretty much discredited.

The chloroform?  Not convincing.  Besides Cindy said she searched for the chloroform.  Don’t believe her but then if you do believe her, she has implicated herself.

The blanket and the clothes?  They would have been with Caylee and wherever she left her, that’s where those items would be.

The tape?  I am confused on the tape.  If it is the same tape on Caylee’s mouth, on the gas can, and used to hold the missing signs, then this does not fit in my scenario.  

The smell?  Do we really convict somebody of a smell?  I think that is weak evidence.

The tatoo and the partying?  That implies Casey did not have a connection with her daughter, but even under the “accidental drowning” theory, her own story, she was acting as if nothing happened.

And the heart shaped sticker that Nancy Grace opens every show with, and has for three years, and to this day it runs at the beginning of her program?  This turned out to be almost dishonest on the part of the state even mentioning this.  It was not a sticker, but residue from what looked like a sticker in the shape of a heart the size of a dime, a residue that had disappeared before a photo could be made of it.  Ridiculous.  They kept showing a heart sticker glued to a piece of cardboard, but it looked pretty large, did not match any stickers found in the Anthony home, and was found 30 feet away from the body.  I would bet stickers would be found in any home with a three year old girl, but they couldn’t even find a match to the heart they found 30 feet away.  All the while this has been going on, it has been represented that there was a heart sticker found on the duct tape placed directly over the child’s mouth.  That just is not true.

There are definitely some holes in my story, as why did Casey not tell the truth about what happened, if, in fact, she left Caylee with someone she did not know and they took her.  I don’t know, but there are many questions and many holes in every scenario I have heard.  There are holes in the state’s case.  There are holes in the defense’s explanation.

What will the verdict be?  I do believe she will be found guilty – at the least of manslaughter.

P.S.:  Jeanne Casaras just described a tender moment between Jose and Casey where he was on his knee to get down to her level and she carressed his face.  Is he in love with Casey?

And Linda Kenney Baden?  Can’t stand her.  She says she used to be on the defense team and I believe she is still on the defense team.

Posted: 07.04.11 @ 1:42 p.m.


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2 responses to “Jury’s out in Casey Anthony trial

  1. I have watched the entire trial and there is no doubt in my mind that Casey killed her daughter in cold blood. I don’t know the reason. I never understood a mother killing her children because she wanted a different life. Why not just give the child to someone else. There is NO reason to kill a child. But to me, it doesn’t matter why she she killed her little girl. She needs to pay dearly for her crime ~ life in prison with no parole would be fine with me.


  2. Bella,

    You know my theory. If she does get sentenced to death or a huge number of years – most of her adult life. I think she may think twice if she is protecting a so called friend of hers, who might have been involved. She’s a narcissist – it’s all about her, I don’t think she is going down alone, and she tried to deflect blame from herself, by sacrificing her family, she’s good at sacrificing her flesh and blood. The more time she spends behind bars with no light at the end of the tunnel, the more it will wear on her that whoever might have also been involved is free and clear. I think her family know the truth, and have decided to keep quite to save her life. I believe they have guilty knowledge. Let them live with it, and let it eat away at them till the day they die. This child deserved justice.

    As far as Jose’ goes the bended knee is lawyers stagecraft. It’s melodramatic. We are supposed to discern from his posture, supplicated to Casey Anthony, he knows she’s innocent, and he did every thing he could to save her. Given the defense he put on, she might be able to use some of his actions for a mistrial. Even after they reach a verdict this case won’t be over.


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