ACLU inspired “God Bless ban” lifted in Florida school district

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  Folks done got tired of this crap.

In 2009, the graduating class at Pace High School in Florida defied an ACLU inspired ban on any reference to the religious by remaining standing and reciting the Lord’s Prayer.  Parents, faculty members, and attendees joined in.

[The intimidation and restrictions imposed] were so severe that an employee in 2009 was charged with contempt after her husband, who is not employed by the district, offered a meal prayer at a private event in a neighboring county.

During testimony in the case, she also described how she and a co-worker, who recently had lost a child, had to hide in a closet to pray.

Further, former Pace High School Principal Frank Lay, now retired, and Athletic Director Robert Freeman were tried for contempt after the ACLU demanded that they be punished. Freeman had been accused of offering a blessing for a lunch for some 20 adult booster club members.

Yesterday, officials in the Santa Rosa County, Fla., School District have agreed to gut an ACLU-inspired consent decree they imposed on students and faculty several years ago and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to settle a legal challenge to their decision that banned ordinary phrases such as “God bless” from their campuses.
“The amended consent decree will restore dozens of constitutional religious freedoms that were previously denied. In addition, Liberty Counsel and Christian Educators Association International will be awarded $265,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs from an insurance provider, not the taxpayers, to compensate them for the litigation caused by the ACLU and the district,” Liberty Counsel reported.

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Posted:  07.03.11 @ 8:23 a.m.


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2 responses to “ACLU inspired “God Bless ban” lifted in Florida school district

  1. loopyloo305

    I am praying that there will be even more that see the light and change their ways!


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