Day 26: Grandma Cindy Anthony says she searched computer for chloroform

Well, Cindy Anthony just showed her true colors.  I think it is now clear where Casey learned to lie so well.  Cindy comes off as an accomplished liar.

I am really not surprised but it was something to watch.  If you go back to her testimony for the state where she recounted all the elaborate lies Casey told her about trips to Tampa with Zanni and other imaginary people as if they were true, then it all begins to make sense.

Will we ever know how an innocent child ended up in the woods without a decent burial.  That’s the part about the accident that gets me.  Even under the defense’s story, Casey was partying a few days after her child’s death and somebody? threw Caylee’s body in the brush to decompose.

Now that I see Cindy on the stand today, I wonder if she and George are not accomplices in the crime.  If she’s the one who looked up the chloroform, she is implicating herself.

Story and video:,0,1426663.story

Posted: o6.23.11


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3 responses to “Day 26: Grandma Cindy Anthony says she searched computer for chloroform

  1. Jane Crook

    Are we left to really believe that Cindy made those searches in 2008, but in three years never remembered that she made them…even when Casey was being accused of making them herself?!! Wow, that is such a stretch! Unbelievable lying really does run in that family!


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  3. Lois Choate

    Having a daughter age 34 expecting her first child in a couple of weeks, I can say that no one knows what they would do in a situation like this as a mother. If I thought for one minute my daughter killed her child then no I would not lie but encourage her to take the consequences and of course try to find out why and get her help even if she had a life sentence. I believe Cindy really believed Casey until this trial and then realized Casey did have something to do with this baby’s death but believed it to be the accident of drowning in the pool that Jose Baez gave to the jurors. In that case realizing Casey was in serious danger of losing her life did try to help get her a lighter sentence. In no way do I believe nor do I think Cindy believes that George had any connection to what happened to Calee. He would have to be a heartless father to let his daughter go on trial for murder and a great actor neither do I believe. He is a father who is hurting and feels he could have stopped Casey but as in all families friction was there on how to deal with their daughter and Casey had gotten away with so many lies she was a runaway train. These parents have lost their granddaughter and daughter whom they both loved deeply so they should be left alone. Their grief and feeling of failure in raising their daughter will be with them forever. If anyone can stand up and say they have not made mistakes with their children I would like to see them. In todays world I know of no family without some disfunction and to keep harping on these two people about the disfunction in their family is grossly unfair and wrong. It is so easy to place blame on the parents when an adult child does something this horrific, no matter mistakes parents make, children know right from wrong.


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