Democrats, liberal media, and Obama pick a republican candidate for president – they think

From the Associated Press (what a joke they are):

Republican Jon Huntsman joined the presidential race Tuesday with the Statue of Liberty over his shoulder, asserting that he and President Barack Obama both love their country but have far different visions of its future. He pledged to halt an “un-American” fading of national confidence and power.

Hoping to set himself apart from other candidates, he also promised to run a civil campaign for the GOP nomination at a time of heated partisan rhetoric.


Huntsman, who served as ambassador to China under Obama until April, said he respected the president but would steer the county in a different direction.

Good grief.  Sold out on the announcement day.  It makes me furious to read this.  Mitch Daniels, for some reason, decided not to be the democrat/media choice for the republican candidate so now they want to move this guy in.  We are not playing little games here.  Chris Matthews says will any republican candidate say that Barack Obama “loves the country” as much as anybody else and lo and behold Mr. Huntsman parrots him.  Why would anybody say that when it is so obviously not true.

Barack Obama is presiding over the most anti-American administration in history, is ruining the economy he promised to save, thumbs his nose at the constitution from healthcare to a war in Libya, and has lied every time he speaks.   He has to Go.

So Huntsman can just forget this foolishness.

Does anybody actually think the Obama thugs will be “civil”?   Hell, no they won’t  They only want to make it easy on themselves so they can cut the republican(s) off at the knees smiling all the while.  And Mr. Obama personally, along with his mouthpiece NBC, intentionally disrespects the country by leaving out “under God” when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America, then acting all innocent when caught.

It is NOT GOING TO WORK.  Their cover has been blown.  There is a wide range of republican candidates already in the race, any one of which would be better than this man.  Surely to God the republicans are not stupid enough to choose a loser like this.

I have thought for a while now that what we have is one party – democrats being the dominate part because it has the media to speak for it in all circumstances, or Not speak at all if that is more advantageous.  The establishment republican party exists to give the appearance there are two sides.  They all like it this way and they were in hog heaven up there ruining the government while nobody was paying much attention.  Nancy Pelosi confirmed this when she made the statement she wanted it to go back the way it was when it didn’t make that much difference which party won.  We don’t need advice from Nancy Pelosi of all people.

The days are over when they can pull this off, choose our candidate, and we allow it to happen.

Posted:  06.21.11 @ 5:30 p.m.

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One response to “Democrats, liberal media, and Obama pick a republican candidate for president – they think

  1. Anonymous

    On August 11, 2009, he resigned as governor of Utah to accept appointment by Barack Obama as the United States Ambassador to China.

    Then he resigns as ambassador to Obama to run as republican candidate for president.

    What a quitter. And Harry Reid LIKES him.

    It’s a set up!


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