Weiner is driving with expired registration, expired tag Plus tag on wrong car

Serial infidelity isn’t disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) only problem. It turns out that his personal SUV’s registration expired back in 2007 and that the plates on the Nissan Pathfinder belong to another vehicle. Oh, and the license plate is expired.

His household income is well over $300,00 per year — placing him in the Obama Administration’s “rich” category. What’s the matter, he can’t afford the registration and taxes ordinary folks making $55,000 per year pay?



Posted:  06.14.11 @ 6:13 a.m.


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3 responses to “Weiner is driving with expired registration, expired tag Plus tag on wrong car

  1. Anonymous

    How can someone so profoundly sick minded be elected to the United States Congress – what is wrong with the people of his New York district. This man is more than just a piece of work. His arrogance knows no bounds. He is a total freak – no wonder our country is in such a mess. I would bet that he is not alone in his sickness – there are others in high places with the same MO as this guy – it just hasn’t come to light as yet.


    • Anonymous

      I think that’s probably the worst part of it. It is just scratching the surface of what goes on in Washington under the guise of running the government. And even yet you will find those defending this guy.


  2. bellalu0

    The latest is pictures of him in bra and panties, so I hear. And some people are defending him on that by saying oh gee he was in collage and it doesn’t count. Except that he is now 46 years old and in the House of Representatives and he’s still taking pictures of himself. .


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