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Obama: “If it was me, I’d resign”

President Obama, increasing pressure on Rep. Anthony D. Weiner (D., N.Y.) to quit, said Monday that “if it was me, I would resign.”

Somebody photoshop Obama’s head on that picture – quick, one of those with Weiner at the gym taking a picture of his own reflection.

But this is proof positive, it’s always all about himself, even when he is asked about Weiner’s weiner.

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Great republican debate from N. H.

I believe it was Ron Paul who said they all pretty much agree on the big issues.  And any one of them would make a thousand times better president than we have now.  I loved it that they were smiling, cordial to one another,  enthusiastic, and took it to Barack Obama.

Bachmann is in!

And thumbs up to Coke and deep dish pizza.

Posted:  06.14.11 @ 6:58 a.m.

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Weiner is driving with expired registration, expired tag Plus tag on wrong car

Serial infidelity isn’t disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) only problem. It turns out that his personal SUV’s registration expired back in 2007 and that the plates on the Nissan Pathfinder belong to another vehicle. Oh, and the license plate is expired.

His household income is well over $300,00 per year — placing him in the Obama Administration’s “rich” category. What’s the matter, he can’t afford the registration and taxes ordinary folks making $55,000 per year pay?



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