Little Tony Weiner can’t afford to Resign (because he does not know how to do anything else)

Even if scandal-stained Rep. Anthony Weiner didn’t want to stay in office, he needs to stay in office.

Unlike many of his peers in the House, Weiner doesn’t have a business or even a law degree to fall back on.

Well, Boo effing Hoo.

Weiner, 46, took home $156,117 in 2010, according to his federal tax returns released by his staff.

His humiliated wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, earned $154,000 in 2009, federal records show.

Notice it’s all tax money that is supporting him, and he has no respect for his position or the people who pay him.  So he sucks in tax money and he needs to continue because he doesn’t have a business or a law degree? Sob. Has he ever heard of getting a JOB?

This jackass conducted a vigorous and relentless campaign against Glenn Beck’s sponsor, Goldline,  because he can’t leave a decision as to what to buy and what not to buy up to an ordinary person.  Something about undue influence and protecting the consumer.  Give me a break.  ALL commercials are full of undue influence.  That’s the point!   But in the end one can buy or not buy.  But he really was working on behalf of Barack Obama to get Beck off the air.  That’s what makes me furious.  These people will take Beck’s job, who has not taken one cent from the taxpayer’s pocket and doesn’t have any crotch shots flying around on the internet, but Lord, no, don’t take little Weiner’s job away from him because he needs the money.

In May of 2010:

Weiner, who is on the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, says Beck “should be ashamed of himself.”

Really?  Such hypocrits, these liberal hacks.

I heard this morning that there is some poll that says Weiner’s constituents want him to stay.  I don’t believe it.  Wonder how much that one cost.  Because every single poll I have seen is about 80 percent or more for him to resign.

Posted:  06.10.11 @ 11:58 a.m.


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11 responses to “Little Tony Weiner can’t afford to Resign (because he does not know how to do anything else)

  1. wdednh

    You are so right!


    • Mr. Weiner have a problem but that doesn’t have any bearing on his ability to be a congressman repsentative. c\same on you for kicking a man when he’s down. He should not have resigned. as a congressman, his co-workers aren’t mcuh better. There are many that have had simillar situation several from the Ny aera and there STiILL THERE! Care to explain, oh. that’s right, they go with the Washington flow instead of making waves and taking a stand forthe people they repsent. I do not agree with his actions and disagree of the way an effective repsentive was pushed out of congress. There are many glass houses in congress and I hope those that thew boulders get their turn ibn the hot seat. Maybe then they will realize the grave lost this nation has suffered as a re\sult of Mr. Anthony Weiner being force to resign by their lack of support.



      • Anonymous

        Give me a break!!

        Mr. Weiner brought it on himself. He has disgraced himself, his family, and his country. Personal responsibility is what is needed in elected officials as well as everybody else.

        People who make excuses for bad conduct and lying are part of the problem.

        Do you have a spell check? Just wondering.


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  4. bonju

    Hilarious but true.


    • He’s going to rehab who didn’t see that one coming 😉


      • bellalu0

        Hope they don’t have computers in the rehab facility….. 🙂

        Charlie Rose show:
        ROSE: I’ve asked Eliot Spitzer and he said there’s something about sort of the ego of being in politics, et cetera, et cetera.

        SIMON: It’s the very intelligence of these men like Spitzer, like Weiner — how bright they are, how quick they are, uh, how successful they are — that gives them a sense of invulnerability, that nothing bad could really happen to them because nothing bad ever has.

        HALPERIN: You won’t meet any smarter people in politics than those two guys. Just won’t.


        This is the cream of the liberal crop – Can’t make it up.


  5. Bella

    Marty and I were discussing Weiner, this isn’t about his IQ. He’s probably a Manic Depressive. It looks like he has manic episodes. Bi Polar disorder is very common 1 in every 100 Americans suffer from mild to severe bi polar disorder. He’s got some of the classics symptoms so it’s not about his office position or his alleged intelligence, it’s about his mental stability. In layman terms he’s got Tiger Blood 🙂 Isn’t incredible even while he’s checking himself into a mental health facility, they are trying to make out like he’s some kind of exception to the rule of a mental illness? Even while he’s going the mental health route. HALPERIN, is just a sleazy gossip. He could use a mental health check up himself. Everyone working at MSNBC could use a check up from the neck up.


  6. So basically Halperin is advocating that they need more mentally ill people in public office? Weiner himself said, he talked to his therapist, and he checked himself in, they are going to evaluate him. Halperin the mentally ill are the Liberal cream of the crop? Do these people even look at the teleprompter feed, what they are being asked to parrot? All the folks at MSNBC look stupid now, well you know what I mean……I heard that Liberalism was a mental disorder. I think we have a prime example recorded for prosperity.


    • bellalu0

      The liberals have a god syndrome. They see themselves as above the normal human being and the rules apply to everybody else, and they rigorously apply them to others, but not to themselves. They see themselves as superior beings and can do no wrong. It really is a mental disorder.

      This is what happens in cults. People look at their leader and they see him taking other’s wives and molesting the young women, but they think he is some kind of god and it’s okay for him to do anything he wants. They don’t hold the leader accountable and then they end up following him to their death.

      The difference I see between the way the gop and the dems handle scandal is that even though there is plenty of sleaze on both sides, you don’t see the republicans defending indefensible behavior, especially when there is proof as there is in Weinergate. I
      Since I have been watching Weiner and Casey Anthony at the same time during the past couple weeks, I see many parallels between the two. A normal person would not ignore a missing child, whether they had anything to do with the disappearance or not, as if life can go on as usual. A normal person would hide his head in shame, resign, and get out of the spotlight if he is caught sexting and sending images of his dick from the House of Representatives. Instead, he thinks he can lie about it and things will go on like nothing happened.

      MSNBC has been discredited long ago and yet they, too, continue on as if nothing happened and as if they are a legitimate news outlet. The only way anything ever gets to the general population is when somebody puts it on you tube and puts it on the internet. For instance, Chris Matthews blamed Weiner’s behavior on his wife? The only way I know this is because it was picked up by the
      internet. It would almost be better not to pick it up and then whatever is said on MSNBC would just stop right there at the walls of the insane asylum.

      I see where Wasserman Schultz is finally calling for Weiner’s resignation. Must be getting very hot in the kitchen.


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