Uncovered crotch shot of Weiner hits the web

Why do men think this is attractive?  Something about it makes me think of a cat that kills a squirrel or a bird and drags it up on the porch for all to see.  Only the cat is proud of it.  Everybody else thinks it’s disgusting.


It is just too funny to remember all Imus’ weiner and erection, uhm, election jokes.  And best I can tell through the blur Weiner has only two testicles, drooping as they are.  All absurdities wrapped up in one disgusting little man…..



(Miss ya’, Charles)


Why don’t they just blow up this picture, frame it, and hang it behind the podium in the House of Representatives.   It could represent all the pricks in congress.

National Anthem according to Weiner:  O-oh Say Can you See…..

Posted:  06.08.11

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