Verbatim transcript of messages between Weiner and Lisa from Las Vegas is publishing for the first time the entire transcript of disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner’s nine-month cyber sex relationship with a 40-year-old Las Vegas blackjack dealer.

Word for word.

The Facebook messages give an uncensored look into Weiner’s shameful ‘sext life’ in which he reveals some of his most intimate fantasies.

(If you can stomach it.  I only read a few so far.)  This is one of the 6.  Looks like this exchange goes back to about a month after this creep’s marriage.  I know he is not the only one either, by a long shot.  I am wondering just how many others up there are doing the same thing or worse.  I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.   Wasting money and spending time trying to balance all their illicit activities, it’s no wonder they don’t bother to read the legislation.  I wish somebody would do some in dept investigations.

I actually think he lied about never seeing any of these women in person.  Better check his plane tickets to Las Vegas.

Using taxpayer time and equipment:

On April 16, a time when the House of Representatives discussed the constitutional authority statement, Rep. Weiner asked Weiss when she was going to send him nude images of herself so he could “jerk off.”

“Go into the bathroom mirror now,” he wrote, encouraging her to snap lewd images and forward them to him. “I’m like a rock,” he added.

This is just how disrespectful he is to the citizens of this country and the office he holds, especially at a time when there are no jobs and the country is in The Great Recession.

Posted:  06.07.11 @ 07:46 p.m.  Updated:  06.08.11 @ 12:54 a.m.


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7 responses to “Verbatim transcript of messages between Weiner and Lisa from Las Vegas

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  2. What is it about public office that attracts the people with the lowest behavior? Honestly public office today is treated as a dodge – a scam. If you live in a Liberal district there is no bottom – if they identify with him they must be empathizing. He is appealing to the lowest common denominator.


  3. Eivind

    It’s a good thing there’s nothing more important going on in the world than some guy sending explicit text-messages to some women.


  4. Anonymous

    Yeah, especially when the some guy is a member of congress being paid by the taxpayers to take care of the business of the United States.


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