Kirsten Powers dated Weiner in 2002 – goofiness attracts (Updated)

I’m learning all sorts of things.

In 2002, Weiner dated Fox token liberal, the irritating Kirsten Powers.   I cannot figure out what the attraction is.  The man is obnoxious.  Liberals are just weird.


Anthony Weiner’s former girlfriend, Kirsten Powers, defended him on TV to millions of people after he insisted to her that he didn’t send lewd photos on Twitter. Now she takes him to task for his rampant misogyny—and says he must resign immediately.

And he hasn’t even been married a year!

  Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin

July 11, 2010

Rep. Anthony Weiner married his glamorous gal pal Huma Abedin in Long Island Saturday in a lavish ceremony officiated by former President Bill Clinton.

The power couple exchanged their “I do’s” inside the secluded Oheka Castle in Huntington.

Clinton jokingly said that marrying a politician can be tough because it’s “easy to distrust them, whatever their religion,” a source told the Daily News.

Guess he had no intention of keeping his pants on.  I see where Breitbart is holding a photograph that is even more graphic than the ones already released.

Posted:  06.06.11 @ 10:54 p.m.  Updated:  06.08.11 @ 5:37 p.m.


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6 responses to “Kirsten Powers dated Weiner in 2002 – goofiness attracts (Updated)

  1. wdednh

    what a vessel!


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  3. So Kirsten Powers is FOX’s ‘token liberal’?

    Gimme a break. Alan Colmes, Shep Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Wallace, Bob Bechel, etc. are all liberals. Ms. Powers is HARDLY the ‘token’ lib. If you want people to take your blog seriously, then you must WRITE seriously.


    • bellalu0

      I don’t “must” do anything. But I should rephrase – she is “one of Fox’s libs” because, yes, you are right, there are others. Irritating all.


  4. James Dean

    Kirsten Powers is so hot.


  5. Tommy tout

    Her voice enuff tolite your fuse


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