He wasn’t hacked but he sure is a hack – Weiner needs to RESIGN

This is ridiculous.  No wonder they don’t have time to read legislation.

DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY.  Notice how a republican resigns in disgrace and a democrat just rolls on in disgrace.  Who was the guy who had to resign for a picture with no shirt on.  The democrats do not require any ethics and decency at all.   No shame.  Remember when Anthony Weiner, while serving as an Obama tool, was harrassing Glenn Beck and Judge Thomas’ wife?  I’ll bet you won’t find any crotch shots of them.

He should really accept responsibility by resigning now. He has not accepted responsibility until he resigns.  Really he should not have a choice, but should be FIRED, as the U. S. taxpayers are paying his salary.  Not another cent should be paid him.  I guarantee if this was you or me doing something like this, we would be gone.  Was this a government computer he was using?  I’m sure it was.

Just learned that Bill Clinton married the Weiners.  Figures.

Breitbart is really the only real journalist in this country.


Posted:  05.06.11 @ 5:00 p.m.


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2 responses to “He wasn’t hacked but he sure is a hack – Weiner needs to RESIGN

  1. wdednh

    Sorry to disappoint you, Vessel wont resign!


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