FLOTUS unveils MyPlate icon, Obama downs hot dog(s), chili & fries in Toledo

Obama Foodorama details the unveiling of Michelle Obama’s new food group icon, MyPlate.org.

It just got a little bit easier for kids and their families to follow the Let’s Move! campaign and try to eat like First Lady Michelle Obama. In Washington today, Mrs. Obama unveiled “MyPlate,” the federal government’s new primary food group icon, designed to be an easy-to-understand visual cue to encourage people to adopt eating habits consistent with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

I can see Mark Levin’s head exploding from here.

It comes with a little booklet, (very high end color printing job and probably very expensive) that devotes a page to dire warnings not to change this MyPlate icon in any way.

Listen up, children, this is important.  Below is the page dedicated to the improper use of MyPlate.  Watch for the Obama MyPlate Food Police.

Oh, here we go:  “The icon cost about $2 million and months of work to design and to create, according to USDA sources.”  That’s enough to pay a salary of $40,000 per year for 50 years.  Outrageous.  Cut. their. funds.  Wasting money like this is outrageous any time, especially with so many out of work.

And the MyPlate is so, so much better than the MyPryamid currently in use.  Right!

There is major worry that:

“the food industry in general will use the icon to market foods, but USDA has issued a ten-page “MyPlate Style Guide and Conditions of Use” booklet to attempt to control its messaging tool. The booklet warns ALL users against altering the image in any way–no changes in typeface, color, or position of the food groups on the plate are allowed, for instance. and use of the icon doesn’t imply that USDA endorses the food, according to the booklet.”

“No matter what USDA does, the food industry will figure out a way to use it [MyPlate] to sell more food.  A bottom-line focus always trumps public health, alas.”

Horror of horrors.  Imagine the food industry trying to sell more food.  Can we get these people out of the White House?

I see where POTUS escaped to Toledo yesterday and grabbed a hot dog with mustard, onion, chili sauce and cheese, with a bowl of chili and fries on the side.

Quote of the Day:

“By the way, as an afficionado of hot dogs, you shouldn’t put ketchup on your hot dog… I’m trying to teach my girls.”

President Obama, as he stopped for a bite at Rudy’s Hot Dogs in Toledo, Ohio.

Some say it was TWO chili dogs…..


Posted:  06.04.11 @ 4:08 p.m.

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