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Big defeat in the House for Obama’s debt ceiling hike.

The debt ceiling was around $11 trillion in 2008.  Under Obama the debt ceiling has already busted a $14 trillion dollar ceiling, as of May 16, 2011, and Obama is requesting it now be raised an additional $2.4 trillion.

The House of Representatives yesterday voted no to raising the debt ceiling with all republicans and 82 democrats voting No.

The House voted 97-318 to defeat the measure that would have raised the federal government’s debt limit by approximately $2.4 trillion. Republicans voted against it unanimously.

  • Nay (Republicans 236, Democrats 82), total: 318
  • Yea (Republicans 0, Democrats 97), total: 97
  • Not Voting (Republicans 3; Democrats 6); 9

If it comes to pass that the $2 trillion is added, that’s going to be somewhere around $5 trillion increase in Mr. Obama’s short 2 and a half years in office.

He, himself, volted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006.

CBS was really worried about the debt back in 2008. I haven’t heard about too much concern in relation to Obama’s out of control spending.  Just a little media bias – well, a whole lot of media bias.  Now they are on the other side, encouraging the hike in the debt ceiling, saying it is irresponsible Not to raise it.


Question:  If it is wrong for Bush to raise the debt ceiling to $11 trillion how is it fine for Obama to raise the debt ceiling to $16 trillion?  You just cannot blame Bush for Obama’s $5 trillion.

The good news is the 82 democrats who voted against the hike, though the left wing media and the yes men democrats are saying the vote was theatrics and a sham.  But about 61 percent of the American people are opposed to raising the ceiling, so who do they think they’re foolin’.

See final roll call vote: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2011/roll379.xml

Even though Steny Hoyer made this statement…..

“House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland said it was irresponsible for Republicans to conduct the vote “solely for the purpose” of defeating the measure. “To put something on the floor for the purpose of seeing it fail, without any opportunity to debate” shows that “this is a political charade.”

…..he voted against raising the ceiling.  I notice Nancy Pelosi was also one of the democrats who voted against the measure.  Wonder why.

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