Is it Weiner’s Weiner?

I had decided not to even write anything about this since Anthony Weiner is so irrelevant to anything, but then on the other hand, he has been a white house and Obama tool and mouthpiece, especially in attacking Glenn Beck, and Glenn Beck’s audience, of which I am one, as being without shoes and teeth, so why wouldn’t I feature the story of Weiner’s weiner when it got tweeted all over the place.  It serves him right – although I don’t think he has admitted it was His weiner, (did not deny it either) but he probably should go ahead and claim it so all could know that it was large enough to show up in a photograph.

Ha Ha Lil Anthony  (H/T Michelle Malkin)

Then I read how the liberal media tried to pass over the issue of the photo being tweeted by a “hacker” over his Twitter account.  It was kind of a story the corrupt media would seize on had it been instead a conservative who had a photo of a man in sexual arousal tweeted all over.  Oh, you know it would be blasted and blasted and blasted for the entire Memorial Day Weekend.

Then I saw this:  Tweet your Weiner day – A Celebration!  So that did it, couldn’t pass it up:

All about WeinerGate:

Previous Post on Weiner’s obsession with Beck, Clarence Thomas, and others, just carrying water for Obama:

Oh, now he doesn’t want to talk about it.  Well, is that right.  That means we talk about it endlessly.  (Now he’s angry on CNN – see video).

Posted:  05.31.11 @ 01:45 p.m.  Updated:  05.31.11 @ 7:19 p.m.


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4 responses to “Is it Weiner’s Weiner?

  1. keyboard jockey


    Can you believe this happened when Imus is on break? I mean really the Wiener jokes al la twitter would be rampant. Imus doesn’t get back till the 6th of June. Rep Wiener better hope all the twitter – weiner jokes have exhausted themselves by then. I noticed James Carville is coming back on Imus when they return on the 6th. About time.


    • bellalu0

      Too funny. Weiner the perfect example of a weasel and a dickhead.


      • keyboard jockey

        Bella, I saw Marty’s post to – too funny you would think Weiner would be bragging, except if he really sent that photo to a college co ed, his wife might not think it’s kosher 😉


  2. bellalu0

    I just saw what I guess is the photograph over on Chickaboomer. If it is, you can forget it being Weiner’s. Only in his dreams…..and maybe the dreams of his bride.


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