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Daily Caller: When are the republicans going to start explaining how Barack Obama wants to kill your children?

Is Barack Obama really trying to kill our children?  No, but this is the kind of tactics the democrats use with the help of the left wing media to try to manipulate people and mislead them.

So when are republicans going to start combating these liberal lies?  We have to start fighting fire with fire.  The typical Mr. Nice Guy is not going to get it.  Do the republicans in charge care any more about saving the country than the democrats do?  Really?  They are all selling us down the river, farther and farther down the river.

The Daily Caller is speaking out.  Is anyone listening?

Rep. Paul Ryan released a video about Medicare yesterday that you can watch on The Daily Caller. It is a compelling and substantive argument about the nature of the fiscal problems we face and the solutions he and other Republicans are offering.


Contrast the Ryan video, which is measured and essentially defensive, with the attacks against it. Since the moment Ryan’s plan appeared, Democrats have argued that his goal is to “end” Medicare. This is false. Ryan’s plan would change Medicare. It would reduce funding for the program relative to its current (and unsustainable) baseline. It would not end Medicare, and it’s a lie to claim otherwise. Yet that’s what reputedly serious Democrats and their allies in the press are saying every day.

It is disturbing beyond words to watch.  I think Paul Ryan qualifies as a statesman.  Is he the only one?  Are you republicans going to let him hang out there by himself?  Are you all cowards?  I mean, it’s one thing to disagree, but the democrats don’t just disagree, they are bald-faced liars.
If I were still a democrat, I would be thoroughly ashamed to admit it.  Honest to God I would.


Posted:  05.27.11 @ 5:29 p.m.

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