Obama’s new media czar, the Director of Propoganda, I mean Progressive Media

In Barack Hussein Obama’s recent speech on the Middle East, he again praises the uprisings and unrest, and compares a man protesting the confiscating of his “cart” and who set himself afire in front of the house of government in Tunesia to the Boston Tea Party and the Civil Rights Movement in the U. S.  He always says the strangest things.

He goes on to say the following:

The story of this Revolution, and the ones that followed, should not have come as a surprise. The nations of the Middle East and North Africa won their independence long ago, but in too many places their people did not. In too many countries, power has been concentrated in the hands of the few. In too many countries, a citizen like that young vendor had nowhere to turn – no honest judiciary to hear his case; no independent media to give him voice; no credible political party to represent his views; no free and fair election where he could choose his leader.

Sounds like Obama’s America, doesn’t it?

He has actually created a new position called Director of Progressive Media and Online Response and hired a guy named Jesse Lee to combat any negative media or online negative reports on Obama, and from the White House and paid for by tax money.  I think that is against the law.

Communications staffers inside taxpayer-funded agencies like the White House are supposed to be windows of transparency to bring information about the government to the public through the media. This new position, officially known as the Director of Progressive Media and Online Response, will instead provide a White House sanctioned response to any unfavorable story about Obama circulating online, working as a political spin artist on the taxpayer’s dime. Apparently, transparency from the White House requires a progressive slant.

It might more accurately be called Director of Propoganda and Media Response.

Posted:  05.25.11 @ 11:06 p.m.


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