Bombshell! Shock! Casey Anthony Trial – Defense says It was an accident

Oh, my goodness.

Jose Baez opening statement.  He says the baby drowned in the pool – accident.

The death was covered up

George and Casey were at home when it happened.

George made sure Casey took the blame.  My, God.

George sexually abused Casey since her age 8.  She lived in a house of lies because, at age 8, as Baez says: Quote:  “She could have her father’s penis in her mouth in the morning and then go to school as if nothing happened.”  Thus, she grew up lying.

I have no idea if this is true or not.  George and Cindy are in the courtroom listening to all of this.  Wow.

This still does not explain the duct tape.  And he says Roy Kronk places the body there but how did he get the body???

Oh, wow.  George is the first witness for the state.

Posted:  04.24.11 @ 1:37 p.m.


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10 responses to “Bombshell! Shock! Casey Anthony Trial – Defense says It was an accident

  1. americanruby

    Amazing.. this is the first I’ve checked in on the case today…will watch Nancy Grace later tonight. So why cover up an accidental drowning? This seems too far out to believe, but we’ll see how the case proceeds.

    I guess the alleged sexual abuse by her brother and father caused Casey to be able to be so detached and have the ability to party when, now, if this is true, she postively knew her daughter was dead and not missing…it all boggles the mind.


    • bellalu0

      It’s a wild story and raises more questions than it answers. I can’t believe it.


      • keyboard jockey


        I don’t believe it ,I think the Anthonys did produce a sociopath – no feeling – no compassion – no empathy.

        I don’t think the child died in a swimming pool.

        Casey Anthony liked to party, she either couldn’t get or afford a babysitter. Her answer to her inconvenience – She drugs the toddler puts duct tape over her mouth puts her in the trunk of her car while she parties. The tape is so if the toddler wakes up and screams from the trunk no one will hear her. So the toddler suffocated in the back of the car while she is partying inside some club, she finds the toddler dead when she finally opens the trunk the next day? And then goes about disposing of her body, you know like a “pet” a cat or a dog….cause Casey Anthony is a sociopath. The cadaver dog hit on the trunk of the car she was using, it’s not just because she transported the dead body of the toddler in the trunk, it’s because the toddler died in the trunk of the car -while her mother was partying inside some night spot hangout. Casey Anthony didn’t change her behavior after the child died why would she? In her mind the child was an inconvenience/obstacle to her partying life style. As far as her father or brother molesting her when she was a child. The defense knows it doesn’t have any way to explain away Casey Anthony not reporting her child missing so she is a “Victim” of someone else that caused her to respond defectively. In fact they -the defense are going to great pains to make it look like she had nothing to do with the toddlers body. But it was the Grandparents looking for their grandchild that brought this to ahead. If they wanted to hide disposing of a body doesn’t it make more sense to make up some plausible lie where the toddler was residing instead of fighting with their daughter, and demanding to know where the toddler was?

        The only thing the Anthonys are guilty of is not accepting the reality that their daughter is a sociopath. Even when she accuses her own family of fictional abuse.


  2. americanruby

    Why in the heck would they inject George Anthony?…sounds like desperation to me……we will see how it all unfolds.


    • bellalu0

      He does not seem the type to me. He was believable when he denied it. If her story is true, George helped dispose of the body and then intentionally tried to make it look like Casey killed her. Why didn’t he just say that she accidentally drowned? Makes no sense to me. And there’s still that duct tape.


  3. Marti

    George Anthony is kicking the Defense Attorney’s Ass!!! And I believe the Judge has about all the Defense Attoneys stupid antics he is going to tollerate.


  4. keyboard jockey

    The defense states that George Anthony told Casey Anthony when the toddler was found drown in the pool, that Casey’s mother his wife was going to be so angry with Casey for being negligent.

    Okay George Anthony’s first words out of his mouth is threatening his daughter with the anger of her mother? Does that make any sense in anyone’s world of what you could expect as the reaction of a Grandfather to his drown grandchild? Why would he need to threaten her with her mother’s anger why wouldn’t she have to be dealing with her father’s anger? Why wouldn’t George Anthony just call paramedics to try and save his grandchild while he performed CPR? Why would all the typical response to an accidental drowning not have occurred? Why if George Anthony was trying to hide an accidental drowning of his grandchild would he and his wife be hounding their daughter about her where abouts? It makes absolutely no sense. But a picture of a narcissistic self centered party girl – including photo evidence has already been presented. What victims of abuse behave like Casey Anthony? The defense is supposed to create reasonable doubt. I think her parents are still trying to save her life – they knew what the defense was going to present for her defense.

    I do believe the defense attorney, when he states this isn’t a normal family, and that it keeps secrets. But the secrets they are keeping is to save this sociopath they birthed. George Anthony knows she is facing the death penalty he is willing to sacrifice his reputation for this “sociopath” that can’t even appreciate the compassion of his sacrifice..


  5. bellalu0

    Good Grief, Cindy rambles on and on. Too much detail. Incredible stories Casey was telling her.


  6. Anonymous

    One thing I know about this Case; is the State Attorney, classic
    example of, Narcissim.( If they would tell me he is gay, would not meant
    he could not, do a good job.) narcissim on the other hand would create
    a problem, in his views and opinions
    And then, we have the lack of civility,,,,the norm in our present

    A shame



  7. bellalu0

    I really think Jose Baez should be jailed for making up a story in his opening statement and then not putting up one shred of evidence to prove it. He knows the defense does not have a burden to prove anything, so why did he shift the burden from the get go? Incompetence.


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