Obama’s “The Beast” stuck on bridge in Ireland (video)

This is too funny. Obama’s Beast, part car, part truck, part tank, gets stuck coming through the gate of the U. S. Embassy in Ireland.

The first cars in the presidential motorcade emerged up the ramp from the car park beneath the complex in Ballsbridge and passed through the gates without incident, but The Beast quickly ran into trouble and got beached.

“The Beast was coming along and suddenly there was a loud kind of bang, metal-on-metal, grinding, crunching noise and the car was stuck,” an RTE reporter said.

Obama is said to be exploring his Irish roots in that his great, great (don’t know how many greats) grandfather came from Ireland.   He is visiting his “ancestral home.”  Remember that the next time somebody claims people don’t like him because he’s black – ’cause he ain’t black, he’s Irish.

(2:59 he says himself he’s Irish)

Video of beached car:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13507728




Posted:  05.23.11 @ 12:05 p.m.


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6 responses to “Obama’s “The Beast” stuck on bridge in Ireland (video)

  1. Otis P. Driftwood

    LOL – this is TOO funny. GREAT video and I love the story of o’bama’s beast getting stuck.


  2. keyboard jockey


    I am willing to go out on a limb, I don’t think the beast get’s good mileage. Obama, should trade it in like he suggested to the man with 10 kids – when he suggested he buy a hybrid van, to improve his gas mileage.


    • bellalu0

      Well, I certainly agree. And he should go overseas by row boat. Even the pope has what looks like a golf cart type vehicle with a bubble protection shield. What’s good enough for the pope should be good enough for Bambi.
      I have wondered how they get that beast (the car, the car, not Obama) overseas. However it is, Obama could catch a ride.


  3. americanruby

    It must have gotten hung up on all of those Irish Roots… !!


  4. americanruby

    If you want some good laughs, read the comments at breitbart.com regarding the President’s toast…..here’s the link


    • bellalu0

      The only good thing about it is it’s 2008 and he isn’t president. That one is written “in stone” and the media can’t cover for him.
      I guess they couldn’t get his teleprompter in the grand hall. What a joke and embarrassment.


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