Who socked Harry?

I missed this one.  What did he do, jump in front of Osama?  A vague explanation is that he fell during a morning run.   O-kay.

I think he should get some rest.  Retire maybe.

Posted:  05.21.11 @ 4:38 p.m.


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9 responses to “Who socked Harry?

  1. wdednh

    So sad , I am Heart broken, so sad, soooosooo sad!


  2. wdednh

    fat chance of him running in the morning; most likely boyfriend or a girlfriend beat him up!


  3. keyboard jockey

    Well those Vegas folks are ruff if you don’t pay up SMILE


  4. bellalu0

    I saw where Mitch Daniels got 16 stitches in his forehead from an accident at the gym. These old guys need to stay out of the gym. But maybe that knocked some sense into him and he decided not to run for president. They are already moving Jon Huntsman (who?) into the field. They say the Obama administration is really scared of him. Yeah, right.


  5. keyboard jockey


    Jon Huntsman was Obama’s ambassador to China one of the only Republicans that joined Obama’s administration he is a RINO he was all for Cap and Trade at one time. He would be the Liberal’s pick for a Republican candidate LOL!


    • bellalu0

      That’s just what I thought. It’s quite amusing to watch once you catch on to the tricks they try to pull. Daniels pulls out and the first thing you hear on every news channel is how Huntsman would really, really beat Obama. I heard Huntsman say something to the effect he wanted to have a “civil conversation” in this country. Really? And just who does he think he’s going to have that with? Certainly not with the thug Obama crowd. He has caved before he is even in the race. In country speak: I don’t want no conversation! I want to beat Obama. As he said: If they bring a knife, we need to bring a gun.


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