New AP poll showing Obama spike is heavily skewed democrat

There’s a new poll circulating that says Barack Obama now has a 60 percent favorability rating.  That is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Only problem with it is that it is skewed heavily with democrats – 48 percent democrats, 29 percent republicans, and 2 percent independant.  So the poll is totally unreliable and it’s a shame that AP and various other media are spreading this around.

I tried to verify this from their website as to the breakdown, and there is nothing there that shows the actual poll.  It says there is a 4.2 percent margin of error.  And the poll is of the general population, not registered or likely voters.

It is a shame that the once respected Associated Press has stooped to this kind of Obama worship.

But even the Most Worshipful admit that this so-called spike is likely short lived.

See National Review article:

Posted:  05.11.11 @ 2:10 p.m.

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One response to “New AP poll showing Obama spike is heavily skewed democrat

  1. loopyloo305

    They just make the number fit to impress all those that they think are idiots!


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