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Only 37 percent approve of Obama’s economy

Americans continue to have a negative view of President Obama’s handling of the economy, according to a  Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released yesterday.  It found that only 37 percent approve of his handling of the economy, while 58 percent disapprove. And only 31 percent think the economy will improve in the next 12 months.

Osama bin Laden was not the one responsible for the lousy economy Barack Obama has presided over. And so his death has done nothing to help it.

Our only hope is to make sure Barack Oama does not get a second term.  He is killing us with high gas and food prices, not to mention the total loss of equity due to his handling of the housing crisis.  He has spent billions or trillions of dollars and it has done no good whatsoever.

Herman Cain for President.

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Senator Olympia Snowe called on by opponent to resign

The U.S. Department of Justice joined a lawsuit againt Olympia Snowe’s  husband, former Maine Gov. John McKernan. The suit alleges that McKernan had defrauded the government of taxpayers’ money, which was intended for financial aid for students.

Maine Republican Senate candidate Scott D’Amboise, who is challenging sitting Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe in the upcoming 2012 primary, called on Snowe to resign from her seat immediately.

“Olympia Snowe owes us two things – an explanation and a letter of resignation. Instead, she isholed up in her ornate Washington, D.C. office refusing to explain what she knew and when she knew it,” D’Amboise said in his statement. “How can your spouse bring in millions of dollars without asking him how he was making all that money? Olympia is a smart lady. She had to know something was fishy about how her husband was doing business.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/05/10/maine-senate-candidate-calls-on-olympia-snowe-to-resign-in-face-of-husband%e2%80%99s-scandal/#ixzz1LyNWQfue

D’Amboise has identified himself as a Tea Party candidate.

Ms. Snowe McKernan votes with democrats almost 100 percent of the time.  I have been following senate votes of any number of issues for the last three years, and her name, along with Susan Collins, pops up almost every time the democrats need a couple of votes to carry an issue.  A true RINO.


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