Mitch Daniels is not our man!

We’re being set up.  Today there seems to be a media push to boost Mitch Daniels for the republican nominee for president.  Who?

The Hill, Bloomberg, Chris Calizza at the Washington Post and maybe others are saying he just may be the best republican to run for president.  Now I ask you, do you think all these liberals are going to pick someone they think will whip Obama’s ass?  I think not.

So I think the media and the democrats want a weak candidate like Daniels that almost no one has ever heard of because he will be just like John McCain and not even try to win.  He won’t hit Obama where it hurts and he should not be our choice.  I want somebody who will win.  Give me Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachman, Donald Trump.   Anybody who is “gutsy” enough to take it to Obama.

Obama has to be defeated.  And I do not believe Mitch Daniels is the one to do it.  Please.  Chris Calizza is Mr. MSNBC and about as liberal as you can get.  So if he thinks Daniels just may be the “man who can could reshape the republican field” then you know right away it is a set up.  Who says the republican field needs to be reshaped?  No, it does not need to be reshaped.  We don’t even know what it is yet.

And then I see that Chris Christie will likely support Daniels.  Wow.  So just who is Chris Christie?

This country cannot in any way have another Obama term.  Everybody in this country will be bankrupt.  I’m telling you, things are getting tight out here.  The crunch is getting down to the nitty gritty.  Anybody who bought a house in the last five or six years is under water and cannot sell their home, not even to move somewhere in search of a job.

So I hope we don’t get fooled with a milk toast candidate who is scared of his own shadow and who will not take it to Obama.  Obama is weak and he is vulnerable.  All we have to do is hit him.

P. S.:  I just now go to Yahoo front page and lo and behold there’s Mitch Daniels featured.  This, too, is written by Chris Calizza.  This is no accident.

Posted:  05.09.11 @ 6:35.p.m.


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7 responses to “Mitch Daniels is not our man!

  1. wdednh

    Who the heck is Mitch Daniels?


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  3. bonju

    Chris Christie is the Gov of New Jersey and the Republicans wanted him to run too. LOL – If he leaves NJ we’ll kill him…LOL


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  5. You have it exactly right!! If libs like this guy, we should run as far away from him as possible. Look at who they go after….Palin and Bachmann, true conservatives. They like Daniels and Christie, which means they are weak. They’re weak on social issues, which is extremely important. Christie is weak on immigration, a HUGE problem right now. While I think Daniels did ok as governor, I don’t think he’s our choice for president. That being said, I would vote for any Republican over Obama at this point.


    • bellalu0

      I would vote for any republican against Obama, too.
      It will be interesting to see who they choose. I sure hope it’s not another John McCain who will roll over and not try to win.


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