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Mitch Daniels is not our man!

We’re being set up.  Today there seems to be a media push to boost Mitch Daniels for the republican nominee for president.  Who?

The Hill, Bloomberg, Chris Calizza at the Washington Post and maybe others are saying he just may be the best republican to run for president.  Now I ask you, do you think all these liberals are going to pick someone they think will whip Obama’s ass?  I think not.

So I think the media and the democrats want a weak candidate like Daniels that almost no one has ever heard of because he will be just like John McCain and not even try to win.  He won’t hit Obama where it hurts and he should not be our choice.  I want somebody who will win.  Give me Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachman, Donald Trump.   Anybody who is “gutsy” enough to take it to Obama.

Obama has to be defeated.  And I do not believe Mitch Daniels is the one to do it.  Please.  Chris Calizza is Mr. MSNBC and about as liberal as you can get.  So if he thinks Daniels just may be the “man who can could reshape the republican field” then you know right away it is a set up.  Who says the republican field needs to be reshaped?  No, it does not need to be reshaped.  We don’t even know what it is yet.

And then I see that Chris Christie will likely support Daniels.  Wow.  So just who is Chris Christie?

This country cannot in any way have another Obama term.  Everybody in this country will be bankrupt.  I’m telling you, things are getting tight out here.  The crunch is getting down to the nitty gritty.  Anybody who bought a house in the last five or six years is under water and cannot sell their home, not even to move somewhere in search of a job.

So I hope we don’t get fooled with a milk toast candidate who is scared of his own shadow and who will not take it to Obama.  Obama is weak and he is vulnerable.  All we have to do is hit him.

P. S.:  I just now go to Yahoo front page and lo and behold there’s Mitch Daniels featured.  This, too, is written by Chris Calizza.  This is no accident.

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The man who shot Osama bin Laden (video)

I’m a little confused by our president.  I guess you could say “he ticked a little toward to center.”  No, I’d have to say he ticked all the way to the right.  Here’s a man who hated and stopped all enhanced interrogation, promised to close the evil Gitmo, is now investigating or seeking to prosecute attorneys who gave an opinion that enhanced interrogation was consitutional, who wanted with all his heart to bring the terrorist prisoners to New York City for trial, and who wants to advise those captured on the battlefield of their “rights” to an attorney, and be given all constitutional rights when they are not citizens.  Of course, none of these things has he actually done.

He turned his back on the sister of one of the victims of 9/11 and said he would not speak up for the halting of the DOJ investigations of those attorneys and also CIA interrogators.

So I’m just wondering how he justifies in his own mind shooting an unarmed man in the head, even if it was Osama, without advising him of his rights and bringing him up for a criminal type trial.  I guess Osama was unarmed, it’s hard to know.  I think there are now some 20 versions of the event.

I just think it proves that Barack Obama has espoused lots of ideas that just do not work in practice.  Do you think he is a closeted conservative?

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