Herman Cain Winner in GOP debate

I watched the debate last night on FOX from South Carolina and the response of the focus group to Herman Cain.  Herman Cain is well known in Tea Party circles, but only one person in the group was for him going into the debate.  By the end of the debate, almost 100 percent were more than enthusiastic about him.

Yet to my surprise, I go to Drudge this morning to read about it, no mention of Herman Cain.  They are linking to a CNN poll, of all things, that went for Ron Paul.  Paul did okay I thought, but my personal winners were Cain and Santorum.

CBS has written about it, citing the “strangeness” of the first GOP debate.

The Other McCain declares Herman Cain the winner, and if this Luntz focus group is any indication, he absolutely was.

Here is the FOX focus group:

All I want to know is Where’s the Headline on Drudge declaring him the winner?

Could it possibly be that the stupid republican party establishment has someone else picked out?  Another loser perhaps?

Posted:  05.05.11 @ 8:59 a.m.

P S:  Herman Cain can BEAT Obama.  Oh, and there was a question indicating that Ron Paul was the leader of the tea party movement.  This is NOT true, but for some reason this is being pushed.  I think Ron Paul supporters and the tea party have more or less merged, but Paul did not start the tea party since no one person started the tea party movement.


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12 responses to “Herman Cain Winner in GOP debate

  1. Anonymous

    Your dumb


    • bellalu0

      And you, of course, are a genius. Can’t even spell you’re. But I’ll leave your lovely comment just to illustrate the lack of intelligence and lack of class you present.


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  3. wdednh

    It was between Can and Santorum , And as the story goes there are always cowards like “Anonymous” love your reply to the A$$ above!


  4. wdednh

    oops ! missed the I in Cain 😦


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  9. Cain presented himself well but side-stepped policy questions when they were outside the economic area.
    Santorum was the most substantive but showed too much passion at times, tending to lack Presidential gravitas. Best policy answers, though.
    Pawlenty did well–better than I expected–but doesn’t give me confidence that his instincts always point in the right direction. See past stands on Cap’n Trade and Med Reform.
    Paul gave his typical let’s-overlook-the -attack -on-Pearl-Harbor talk. Johnson was Paul’s mini-me, the biggest kook on the platform. Climb Ev’ry Mountain, la-la-la.


  10. Clay C.

    HAHAHA, you should really check your own info before you start preaching Frank Luntz as gospel…

    Example 1: Check the youtube comments to your own link…
    Example 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If9EWDB_zK4
    Example 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3BDvfAf2c4

    Here’s a reason why Ron Paul can beat ANYONE:

    These are only suggestions and facts that I am stating, it is up to you to make up your mind any way you want. Remember, you can cure ignorance, the same can’t be said for stupidity.


  11. bellalu0

    Cain is Obama’s worst nightmare: A strong black man from the South, a self-made black man, unafraid of anyone, unafraid to say directly to Obama’s face what needs to be said directly, as often as it needs to be said. Cain has had a true American experience. He knows from real racism and segregation, not some intellectualized rage formulated in the soft environs of the Ivy League.



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