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Nancy Pelosi’s office (Updated)

Below is a post of a citizen who had visited the $600 million dollar Capitol Visitor’s Center, which also included offices for our rulers.  I have searched and searched for more information about the offices and their furnishings and so forth but have not yet found anything. I’ll keep looking.  They don’t want us to know, I guess.

I find it satisfying to know that Nancy’s office is now occupied by John Boehner and she is now in what was supposed to be his (which I am sure is smaller and less fine.)  I know without any doubt that she thought she would occupy this space until they had to take her out on a stretcher.

Thanks to the Tea Party…..

In the fall of 2009 she moved her San Francisco office to the new (“green”) San Francisco Federal Building at a monthly rent of $18,736 funded by tax payers.  I believe she is still in that office, even though she is no longer Speaker.  The building is at 90 Seventh Street and her address is

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi 90 7th Street, Suite 2-800
San Francisco, CA 94103,

according to her web site.


No wonder the government is broke.

Too bad Harry Reid got to keep his.  This is the structure that he said would keep them from the smelly visitors.


House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office has a huge arched marble foyer and the words, “House speaker Nancy Pelosi” is in fancy swish letters above the threshhold of the foyer, not even the door, I’m talking about THE ENTRANCE TO THE ENTRANCE, like you are about to enter a shrine. We didn’t go in, our mission at the end of the tour was to find Senator Reid and get a picture with him, he was my Senator for 7 years when I lived in Vegas and it would be so great to get a picture with a senator in a state where prostitution is legal. I mean, the man is a maverick and I wanted to see his digs in Washington.

Pictures and info about the Capitol Visitor’s Center:


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Florida “mansion” once owned by Osama brother

Dubbed as one of the “creepiest abandoned mansions” in the U.S is a home once owned by one of Osama’s some 54 siblings.  The family of Khalil bin Laden fled the country after the attacks.

These people were everywhere as we had welcomed them into our country with open arms prior to 9/11.


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Osama Obama bloopers

It sounds like it could be a joke or parody, but it is real.  You can go to the below link to see a video of the actual clips.  I just don’t know how to download an AOL video.


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Herman Cain Winner in GOP debate

I watched the debate last night on FOX from South Carolina and the response of the focus group to Herman Cain.  Herman Cain is well known in Tea Party circles, but only one person in the group was for him going into the debate.  By the end of the debate, almost 100 percent were more than enthusiastic about him.

Yet to my surprise, I go to Drudge this morning to read about it, no mention of Herman Cain.  They are linking to a CNN poll, of all things, that went for Ron Paul.  Paul did okay I thought, but my personal winners were Cain and Santorum.

CBS has written about it, citing the “strangeness” of the first GOP debate.

The Other McCain declares Herman Cain the winner, and if this Luntz focus group is any indication, he absolutely was.

Here is the FOX focus group:

All I want to know is Where’s the Headline on Drudge declaring him the winner?

Could it possibly be that the stupid republican party establishment has someone else picked out?  Another loser perhaps?

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P S:  Herman Cain can BEAT Obama.  Oh, and there was a question indicating that Ron Paul was the leader of the tea party movement.  This is NOT true, but for some reason this is being pushed.  I think Ron Paul supporters and the tea party have more or less merged, but Paul did not start the tea party since no one person started the tea party movement.


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