Jeff Greenfield discusses death of bin Laden on Imus

Jeff Greenfield, CBS News just issued an unneccessary insult, saying he hopes “whack job birthers” don’t — I don’t know what he’s talking about really — make something from the death of Osama bin Laden.

What does the killing of bin Laden have to do with whack job birthers?  I’m not making the connection.

I am tired of the insults thrown around by Jeff Greenfield or others in the media.  It’s beginning to make me mad.  It is unbelieveably unprofessional for a serious news person to use a term like whack job, even though it was in a informal setting like Imus in the Morning.  I don’t even use it to describe people like Mr. Greenfield, (an obvious whack job 😉 ) not often anyway, and I am not a serious anything.

He said he does not work for CBS News any more by mutual agreement.  “They said don’t work for CBS any more and I said okay.”  Good line.  So I guess he’s an ex-CBS employee.

Just learned that they broke into The Apprentice last night to announce the death of bin Laden.  That could not have been a coincidence.  No way.

Posted:  05.02.11 @ 7:10 a.m.


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4 responses to “Jeff Greenfield discusses death of bin Laden on Imus

  1. I was watching too, I was the thinking WTF? The Media can’t even let Americans celebrate, they have to inject politics into something the President himself made clear wasn’t about politics – It was about our National Security. Did Bid Laden really think he was safe…someone in the Pakistani intelligence telling him not to worry? This is about America and Americans. The Lamestream Media wants to co-opt something they had nothing to do with, and spin it for political points. There will be plenty of time for politics. It shows how out of touch Jeff Greenfield is with the majority of Americans. As a rule I enjoy Jeff Greenfield segments was he toning down his appearances on Imus because of his employer and this is what he really thinks?


    • bellalu0

      K. J., I have enjoyed him in the past, too.

      Sometimes I try to compress my mind to try to see things from their perspective, but it’s hard to imagine that supposedly intelligent and educated people could be so utterly clueless about their fellow-Americans and how closed minded they are to differing opinions. I am still surprised at the hostility and dictator-like attitude.

      I’m sorry, but I believe anyone is allowed to have whatever view or opinion they want to. I guess that’s the same mindset that says, “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”

      But here’s the pressing questions: Was the moon landing a hoax? What really happened in Roswell? And especially, is the white house really haunted? Donald, we’re dependng on you. 🙂


      • Bella

        It stunned me I mean Jeff Greenfield I consider to be on the upper tier of news gathers and analysis. Osama Bin Laden is Dead the first thing that came to my mind was Party Party Party…and birthers never entered the scenario. It’s some kind of neurotic fixation with the fringe? Has he ever injected truthers into discussions that had nothing to do with that subject? In fact if he brought up the truther conspiracy it would have made some sense because at least that would have been related to 9-11.

        The last thing I wanted to hear about today was politics – I don’t think the media has a sense of how they look from the outside. In Greefield’s case maybe he’s spent to much time in the MSM bubble and has become tone deaf.


  2. FYI Jeff Greenfield even the Taiwanese News Reenactors, know what Bin Laden’s death is about. Hint they take care of the birther issue quick and in a hurry and move on from there.


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