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Obama stings Trump at press dinner

Well, I never intended to be constantly blogging about Donald Trump, but it is just so fascinating to watch this face off between Trump and Obama.

I haven’t watched the entire thing, but the reports are that Obama targeted Trump with lots of barbs and jokes at the Press Dinner last night, even beginning his presentation with a video Real American, saying something to the effect that Trump could now get back to important stuff like whether or not the moon landing was faked

[Oh, boy.  I just watched the video that was used with the birth certificate flashing throughout, and all right after he was introduced but  before he spoke a word.  Then he starts out with releasing his official birth video with some stupid video from the Lion’s King.  Wow.  This is overdone already!!!!  But yet he continues.  He is not funny.  All and I mean ALL about him.]

And that was just the beginning.  But what I find most telling is how much he loves to get someone in a room so he can publicly seek to embarrass them.  But, hey, Trump asked for it and responded on Fox this morning that he was quite honored to have taken such a prominent place in the speech.  🙂

But most of all, you can tell he is under our boy president’s skin big time.  You can always tell who is getting to him – the Supreme Court, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, all sort of lashed in public for daring to oppose him on anything.

Plus I read where he and his regime have put the boots on the neck of the reporter who released the video of a protest song “where’s our change” at a fund raiser in California.

He has never met with any resistence or criticism and it can be “teachable moments” for him.  So far, I am not impressed.  A joke or two would have been fine but it seems overdone to me.  And why do I think he is not amused?  With him, it seems more about revenge than humor.

See link for Daily Mail account of the dinner and some photos and a video of the speech.


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