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Debbie and Eddie Schultz

The new head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, (dim bulb democrat from Florida), recently said the GOP just hates women and then proceeded to quote or mis-quote the 9th commandment, “thou shalt not lie about a democrat.”  Now this is really funny.  I don’t know but I think I would be a little bit leery about invoking the holy scriptures while lying through my teeth.

The GOP has how many women in the running for president?  It just doesn’t quite fit in their false scenario, does it?  But, again, whatever the progs are blaming on others, they are guilty of themselves.  They hate Sarah Palin with red hot hatred, and also Michele Bachmann.  Wasserman-Schultz would give her right arm to be half way as important a figure as either one of those ladies .

I’ll bet Wasserman-Schultz is married to the infamous Ed Schultz.  If not, they should get together.  She accuses republicans of hating women and he calls republican women sluts.  These two are prime examples of the American left wing.

Story from the Daily Caller:

Before her latest political flub in which she called Republicans “anti-women” with an agenda equivalent to “a war on women,” new Democratic Party chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz managed to politicize one of the Ten Commandments.

In a May 4 DNC chair speech, Wasserman Schultz took the Bible’s Ninth Commandment, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor,” onto the political battlefield, asking her fellow Democrats to pledge they would “let no man or woman bear false witness against a Democrat.”


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Is it Weiner’s Weiner?

I had decided not to even write anything about this since Anthony Weiner is so irrelevant to anything, but then on the other hand, he has been a white house and Obama tool and mouthpiece, especially in attacking Glenn Beck, and Glenn Beck’s audience, of which I am one, as being without shoes and teeth, so why wouldn’t I feature the story of Weiner’s weiner when it got tweeted all over the place.  It serves him right – although I don’t think he has admitted it was His weiner, (did not deny it either) but he probably should go ahead and claim it so all could know that it was large enough to show up in a photograph.

Ha Ha Lil Anthony  (H/T Michelle Malkin)

Then I read how the liberal media tried to pass over the issue of the photo being tweeted by a “hacker” over his Twitter account.  It was kind of a story the corrupt media would seize on had it been instead a conservative who had a photo of a man in sexual arousal tweeted all over.  Oh, you know it would be blasted and blasted and blasted for the entire Memorial Day Weekend.

Then I saw this:  Tweet your Weiner day – A Celebration!  So that did it, couldn’t pass it up:

All about WeinerGate:

Previous Post on Weiner’s obsession with Beck, Clarence Thomas, and others, just carrying water for Obama:

Oh, now he doesn’t want to talk about it.  Well, is that right.  That means we talk about it endlessly.  (Now he’s angry on CNN – see video).

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The next presidents of the United States

The republican presidential field is so strong it’s hard to choose, but here’s a couple I could really support.

Allen West and Sarah Palin

How historic would this be!  We could have co-presidents.

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IPAB – The Obama Death Panel

Obamacare places power in the hands of a presidential appointed 15 member board to decide what services and care are “unnecessary” for seniors.
Obama said on April 13th this was his goal.  This is the Obama Death Panel.

Why does Barack Obama want to kill old people?  Right.  Why?  Why does Barack Obama want to roll grandma off a cliff, plunging her to her death?  (Fire with fire)

So what can the next generation, retiring a decade from now, count on? The Obama health law puts those decision in the hands of an unelected board called the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a cost-cutting panel.

The board is a radical departure from Medicare as we’ve known it. Congress cedes nearly all control of Medicare spending on the rationale that budgeting decisions should be shielded from outraged seniors and political pressures.

On April 13, the president reiterated that the board would decide what care is “unnecessary” for seniors, and that he would like to see IPAB’s unprecedented powers increased.

Do you want your life in the hands of 15 people appointed by the president?  I sure as hell don’t.
This is the future with Obamacare.  Don’t believe the lies the democrats are telling, the accusations that the GOP wants to end medicare.  It is not true.  It is Obamacare that seeks to change everything, and place the lives of seniors in the hands of a death panel.

April 13, 2011 — President Obama would give additional power to an independent advisory board—one already highly unpopular with Republicans—to wring additional savings out of Medicare, according to a fact sheet the White House released in connection with the president’s speech outlining his deficit reduction proposal.

Obama wants to save $340 billion more by 2021 and $480 billion by 2023, including proposals already included in his budget proposal. He said he aims for more than $1 trillion in savings in the subsequent decade from Medicare and Medicaid.

Also see:

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Casey Anthony case, Saturday session, some Casey drama

Saturday morning testimony brings Tony Lazarro back to the stand to read an IM conversation between he and Casey after a deputy had come to Tony’s apartment and searched it.

This video below is during a recess, jury not present.  Her mother is testifying and Casey mouths angry words and cries.  Some have said she is saying something to the effect, “she hasn’t cried for three years, now she cries on the stand.”   There’s not much doubt she is mad.  See comments on You Tube.

Cindy’s testimony contained very detailed stories that Casey had told as to the whereabouts of Caylee.  It was amazing the fabrications, even to some story about going to Tampa with Zanny the nanny (a non-existent person) and others, having a wreck with Zanny ending up in the hospital with a concussion.  She told Cindy she was at Universal Studios (at a non-existent job) with Caylee who was in an activity group while Casey was in a meeting or something.  Cindy decides to actually go to Universal Studios only to find out Casey was not there but in Jacksonville.  (Cindy phoned her or texted her from outside to come out and talk to her as she could not go in without special ID)  Don’t know where Casey really was.  It kind of surprised me the detail, the intricate detail, to which Cindy was able to remember these stories and she related them on the stand as if they were true.  So did Cindy believe Casey?  I don’t think she did but she wanted to believe her.  This inability to see or face the truth is the making of all kinds of sick behavior.  And I notice it a lot in people, especially in relation to politics,  who want to believe in someone so bad they make all manner of excuses for them and they delude themselves.  It does become a mental disorder when everything one believes is based in a lie.  Her whole life was a made up story.

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Amazing web site with unbelivable amount of info, details, photos, transcripts, timelines, just about anything you might want to know about the case:



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Daily Caller: When are the republicans going to start explaining how Barack Obama wants to kill your children?

Is Barack Obama really trying to kill our children?  No, but this is the kind of tactics the democrats use with the help of the left wing media to try to manipulate people and mislead them.

So when are republicans going to start combating these liberal lies?  We have to start fighting fire with fire.  The typical Mr. Nice Guy is not going to get it.  Do the republicans in charge care any more about saving the country than the democrats do?  Really?  They are all selling us down the river, farther and farther down the river.

The Daily Caller is speaking out.  Is anyone listening?

Rep. Paul Ryan released a video about Medicare yesterday that you can watch on The Daily Caller. It is a compelling and substantive argument about the nature of the fiscal problems we face and the solutions he and other Republicans are offering.


Contrast the Ryan video, which is measured and essentially defensive, with the attacks against it. Since the moment Ryan’s plan appeared, Democrats have argued that his goal is to “end” Medicare. This is false. Ryan’s plan would change Medicare. It would reduce funding for the program relative to its current (and unsustainable) baseline. It would not end Medicare, and it’s a lie to claim otherwise. Yet that’s what reputedly serious Democrats and their allies in the press are saying every day.

It is disturbing beyond words to watch.  I think Paul Ryan qualifies as a statesman.  Is he the only one?  Are you republicans going to let him hang out there by himself?  Are you all cowards?  I mean, it’s one thing to disagree, but the democrats don’t just disagree, they are bald-faced liars.
If I were still a democrat, I would be thoroughly ashamed to admit it.  Honest to God I would.

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Patriot Act will be signed by an autopen

Capping a week of political bickering and parliamentary delays, the House joined the Senate on Thursday to approve a four-year extension of key provisions of the Patriot Act that are set to expire at midnight.

Because President Barack Obama is traveling in Europe, a White House official said the bill will quickly be signed into law using an autopen, a machine that replicates the president’s signature.

Well, I never.  Replaced by an autopen.
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