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Obama not good at economics, Great at doing the Wild Rumpus

President Obama does not understand the basics of economics. What he says repeatedly is that increased government spending is the foundation of economic recovery and growth. But the economic reality is that incentives for increased production are the foundation for recovery and booming growth.


He does seem cut out to be an elementary school teacher:


Posted:  04.27.11 @12:31 p.m.

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Gallup poll: Public perception with republicans on budget

A new Gallup/USA Today poll contains a counterintuitive finding: the age group most receptive to House Budget Chair Paul Ryan‘s plan to deal with the budget – seniors.

Republicans hold a double-digit lead over Democrats in public perception of which party would do a better job dealing with the federal budget, according to the survey. 48 percent prefer Republicans, while 36 percent prefer Democrats in Congress.

Young voters sided with Obama.

Interesting, because they will be the ones who will end up with nothing when they do wake up, if all things continue as they are.


Posted:  04.27.11 @ 10:21 a.m.

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