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Geithner, Solis, and Sebelius trustees of SS and Medicare

I was wondering who the Trustees are of the Social Security and Medicare so called trust fund.

Unbelivable who they are:  Tim Geithner, Hilda Solis, Kathleen Sebelius, and somebody named Michael Astrue.  There are supposed to be 6 trustees, two of which are to be public representatives.  Those two public positions are VACANT.

Report here:  http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/TRSUM/index.html


Who Are the Trustees? There are six Trustees, four of whom serve by virtue of their positions in the Federal Government: the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Commissioner of Social Security. The other two Trustees are public representatives appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by the Senate. The two Public Trustee positions are currently vacant.

By the Trustees:

Timothy F. Geithner,
Secretary of the Treasury,
and Managing Trustee

Hilda L. Solis,
Secretary of Labor,
and Trustee

Kathleen Sebelius,
Secretary of Health
and Human Services,
and Trustee

Michael J. Astrue,
Commissioner of
Social Security,
and Trustee

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Stop your cryin’, Boehner and nail Obama to the wall on gas prices

However, as gas prices soar and oil giants post big first-quarter profits, Boehner said it’s time to scrutinize the benefits enjoyed by the country’s biggest oil firms.

“It’s certainly something that we ought to be looking at,” Boehner said. “They ought to be paying their fair share.”

What the hell is Boehner talking about?  This is the kind of cowardice always displayed by republicans.  Do you think for one minute that Nancy Pelosi would be saying, yes, dear god, we should certainly look at what the republicans or George Bush are saying about….whatever?  Not on your life.  If the republicans don’t stop this foolishness they are all going to get thrown out.
I don’t care what it is, NO, don’t agree with Obama on anything.
It is his fault the oil prices are high so why in the name of god is Boehner giving him a break and wishy washing around.  He should NAIL him to the wall on it.
He’s been handed a hammer on a silver platter.   I cannot believe he is not using it.
How disgusting!!
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