Touchy, touchy: Obama can’t deal with a Texan

Oh, how easy it is to get under the alleged president’s skin.  He has glided all his life and never had to answer any hard questions.

I think the word that was used to describe him was prickly.  Very good.  Take off the ly and you have it exactly.

Even if it takes a local reporter from Dallas to reveal it, it seems like a cake walk to get him to show what a small, small man he is. 

The look on Watson’s face as he zipped that briefcase up is priceless.  I don’t think he was intimidated.

Anybody paying attention?  Potential opponents?  Do it right and he can be defeated by a landslide.

God Blessed Texas. 

Maybe the baby boy never came face to face with a bitter clinger….. 🙂

Posted:  04.20.11

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