Tax Day 2011 Tea Party highlights – Sarah Palin: Mr. President, game on

Just some of the highlights from Tea Party Rallies, Tax Day, 2011.

Congressman Allen West speaks at Boca Raton Tea Party Rally.  Great speech.  Great man:

Herman Cain in Orlando Friday:

Andrew Breitbart, Madison, WI:

Sarah Palin, Madison, WI:

Donald Trump, Boca Raton

Sarah Palin says in Madison: 

(Paraphrasing) The only thing the stimulus plan stimulated was a debt crisis and a tea party.

More big government:  We don’t want it, we can’t afford it, and we are unwilling to pay for it.

Barack Obama’s solution:  Solar panels and really fast trains.   He says, All Aboard a bullet train to bankruptcy.

And this one is my favorite:  To the president:  You demonized the voice of rreason with class warfare and fear mongering.   I say to you person to person, parent to parent, Barack Obama, for shame for you to suggest that the heart of the conservative movement will do anything to harm our esteemed elders or children with disablities…..

“We will win back our country.  We will not squander what we have, we will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin.  It starts here, it start now.  Mr. President, game on!! ”

Transcript of Sarah Palin’s speech:!/notes/sarah-palin/video-and-transcript-of-the-tax-day-tea-party-speech-in-madison-wisconsin/10150157894008435

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2 responses to “Tax Day 2011 Tea Party highlights – Sarah Palin: Mr. President, game on

  1. Both West and Palin hit it out of the ball park.

    Harry Reid wants the Tea Party to parade for him – what Harry Reid doesn’t understand is the Tea Party isn’t posturing for him or the MSM. They have moved past the left’s media”apparatus” people are organized and organizing. Which is why the Prosser won reelection in Wisconsin to the State Supreme Court.

    Palin had between 10,000 and 15,000 attend the Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party in the snow. Live stream had the head count of who watched her live online. US Live stream.Total views: 20,231,713 CBS News. That’s a lot of people showing a lot of interest 🙂 I suspect they are registered voters.


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