Obama must be defeated, whatever it takes

Obama must be defeated.  This is and will be my mantra.

From Legal Insurrection:

The lesson of the recent sound of the Trump-et is not that we need Donald Trump, it’s that we need to distinguish more clearly between the Office of the President and the President.

And we need someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is about the most arrogant, demeaning and dismissive President of my adult life.


Amen, a thousand times Amen. 

Obama must be defeated in 2012.  I would walk on nails to see that happen.  Whatever it takes to get Barack Hussein Obama out of the white house, is what I’m for.  Does it take a technicality?  Use it.  Does it take exposure?  Expose him.  Shout it out.  Confront him.  Take him on.  Get in his face.  If he brings a knife, bring a gun.  It must be done. 

I don’t know who his opponent will be yet, but whoever it is must win.  That’s the bottom line.

Posted:  04.16.11

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One response to “Obama must be defeated, whatever it takes

  1. KReed

    Email: May 19, 2011

    Governor Rick Perry,

    I have never written a letter like this before…but I have never been more concerned and worried about the direction our county is heading in…We are truly at the crossroads of what could be the most vital turning point in our nation’s history…We are being led off a cliff by a madman that somehow became president of the greatest country on earth…A madman that no one knew anything about and still was elected to the most powerful position on the planet…only because he was always and still is protected by a bias and corrupt national media without a conscious…that only knows how to give him a pass and would never dare question who or what he really was…Now we know that this madman is a compete fraud and he is pushing our country into the abyss and to brink of no return…

    I have followed your political career and I highly admire and respect you… I have seen the true qualities and the solid leadership you possess in all the great things that you have done for Texas…I know that the great state of Texas needs you…but this great country needs you more and needs you now…Our country has never been in a more dire and desperate position than it is now…Our county is slowly dying and is in a death roll of a crisis like never before…Obama is our nations greatest crisis…he is the cancer that is painfully destroying our country from within…If we do not stop Obama in 2012, our country will never be the same again…we will never recover from the fundamental changes and this nightmare that we all are being forced to live in…

    I am only one voice right here and right now… but there are millions of others all around our great country that are pleading and are praying along with myself, for you to consider running for the presidency of the United States…There will never be another time like this…there has never been a more crucial time than now and there may never be another chance left for any of us if we do not stop the madness that is breaking the back of our country and bringing us to our knees…

    The republican party is a mess just like everything else is in this country…We have no leaders…the party and the candidates are weak and in total disarray and will defeat itself against Obama…We need you Mr. Perry…our country desperately needs you…we need a true, strong conservative leader that has proven himself…we need a leader that can talk the talk and walk the walk and that has a great family behind him…we need someone that can lead us out of this nightmare and put us back on a path that helped make our country the greatest and strongest on earth…we need someone like you that can make our country stronger and better than ever before…or we will never be that great country again…

    It is now or never…We must persevere…We must win…There is no option…

    God Bless You and your family and God Bless America…

    Respectfully Submitted,



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