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Obama must be defeated, whatever it takes

Obama must be defeated.  This is and will be my mantra.

From Legal Insurrection:

The lesson of the recent sound of the Trump-et is not that we need Donald Trump, it’s that we need to distinguish more clearly between the Office of the President and the President.

And we need someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is about the most arrogant, demeaning and dismissive President of my adult life.


Amen, a thousand times Amen. 

Obama must be defeated in 2012.  I would walk on nails to see that happen.  Whatever it takes to get Barack Hussein Obama out of the white house, is what I’m for.  Does it take a technicality?  Use it.  Does it take exposure?  Expose him.  Shout it out.  Confront him.  Take him on.  Get in his face.  If he brings a knife, bring a gun.  It must be done. 

I don’t know who his opponent will be yet, but whoever it is must win.  That’s the bottom line.

Posted:  04.16.11

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