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Ryan’s 2012 budget passes House with zero democrat votes

From The Hill:

The House on Friday approved a fiscal year 2012 budget resolution from Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) that seeks to drastically limit government spending next year and in years to follow.

But the vote on the measure — which imposes $5.8 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade — came after a clear sign that at least half of the Republican caucus supports even tougher spending cuts.

 The final tally was 235-193, with four Republicans opposing it. Every Democrat voted no. 

It will now be considered by the Senate, where it is considered dead on arrival.

Harry Reid says immediately:  “It will never pass the Senate.”

Don’t you just love that bi-partisanship.  Proves one more time that when the dems say they want compromise and bi-partisanship, what they mean is agreeing with and supporting their agenda. 

Republican no votes are:  Reps. Ron Paul of Texas, Walter Jones of North Carolina, David McKinley of West Virginia, and Denny Rehberg of Montana.

Posted:  04.15.11 @ 3:09 p.m.

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