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“Maybe Obama’s afraid somebody will ask him for his papers”

Just re=read this post from last April.

“Maybe Obama’s afraid somebody will ask him for his papers”.

I love it that Donald Trump is pounding this birth certificate issue.  Think about it this way:  Even if he was born on the Washington Monument during a government shutdown with millions of witnesses, it’s the official document that is needed.  It’s a technicality.  He has used technicality extensively to get his opponents knocked off the ballot.  

Obama got his first opponents knocked off the ballot. He challenged the petition signatures that three rivals filed, and election officials concluded he was the only one with the proper paperwork, leaving him unopposed in the 1996 Democratic primary.

He should have to prove his eligibility, simple as that.  Short of that, I hope Trump gets him knocked off the ballot.  The country can’t take another four years of Obama and we should use anything and everything possible to see that he goes.    

He has managed to avoid, through intimidation and the aid of the press (still much in play today) what people have to do every day.  If a certificed copy of a birth certificate is required to register your child in public schools, you can’t just go down and say “everybody knows this child was born in the USA” or present something out of the newspaper.  You would be laughed out of town.  So it’s not really a question of where he was born, but a matter of presenting the proper paperwork.

Nobody spends millions of dollars to hide something if there’s nothing to hide.

What is he hiding?

Posted:  04.12.11

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