Will Extremists Harry Reid and Obama shut down the government?

Harry Reid keeps saying the Tea Party is driving the budget stalemate.  You mean that irrelevant Tea Party that was nothing to him but a bunch of evil mongers that would never last?  That Tea Party?

That is really the best news I have heard in a long time.  The Tea Party is trying to save America.  Harry Reid and the democrats are in denial.  All they know is spend, spend, spend like there is no tomorrow. 

Why is there no budget half way into the fiscal year 2011?  Because the democrats did not pass a budget in October.  They shirked their duty for political considerations and now we are in this crisis.


Posted:  04.07.11


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4 responses to “Will Extremists Harry Reid and Obama shut down the government?

  1. anon

    Mainstream Americans are not going to be kind to the GOP, especially after a radical fringe group, aka the tea baggers, have tried to hijack a majority elected President since the day he was elected! Clean air AND womans health care are what they are trying to cut out! Besides the fact that the GOP has always hated women, FACT, women will just for starters find it more difficult to get cancer screenings and many other health related treatments. FACT!!

    Stand firm President Obama.! The people are w you!
    You own it GEEE OOOOO PEEEE’S if it shuts down!


  2. bellalu0

    Yep, delusional. It’s hard to imagine, but there is someone who still believes the lies these democrat politicians are putting out. Unbelievable. Wasserman-Schultz, wind her up and pull her string.

    The democrats did not pass a budget when they could have passed any budget they wanted to. So if they now want to shut down the government because they cling to their extreme spending, so be it.

    Now they are whining and really going off the deep end instead of having that adult conversation everybody wants to have.

    But the dems really don’t know how to have a conversation. All they can do is shriek out some extremists scare tactics. Well, we are unafraid. We are unafraid.

    Stand firm, Republicans. The country is with you!!!


  3. bellalu0

    Obama in Pennsylvania yesterday: Buddy, I can’t help you with high gas prices, just trade in your car so you can get better mileage. (Gas was $1.87 per gallon when Obama took office.)
    While he cranks up Air Force One every day or so at $68,000 per hour in fuel.


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