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Herman Cain says he’s ready to go toe to toe with Obama – “elect a real black man”

The Shark Tank covers Herman Cain’s appearance in South Florida where he addresses Tea Party “members.”

Potential Presidential candidate Herman Cain traveled to South Florida to address a group of Tea Party faithful that were eager to hear his tried and true conservative message of fiscal discipline and individual responsibility.

Cain called out the mainstream media as being ‘afraid’  to cover his candidacy because of their alleged fear to see him go toe-to-toe with President Obama.   Cain also explained why that the ‘liberal mainstream media’ has relentlessly tried to smear Governor Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann because of their fear that either of these two women would take a big portion of the female vote in 2012 if  they were to decide to run for the Presidency.  Mr. Cain finished by stating that “they (the mainstream media) are doubly  scared that a real black man may run against Barack Obama.”

Yep, why don’t we elect a real black man and a real American for president?


Posted:  03.31.11

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