President said his choices in Libya “a turd sandwich” (Updated w/video)

On Meet the Press, Miss Prim and Proper Savannah Guthrie tells David Gregory and panel Obama described his choices on Libya “a turd sandwich.”

A caller to Rush Limbaugh today used the same word to describe Obama which is pretty funny.  Caller from Tampa said Obama was “a miserable little turd urinating on this country…..”  Maybe somebody will post a video of it, I’m looking. 

UPDATE:  Here’s the call from Tony in Tampa.  His exact words were, “for two years this miserable little turd has been urinating on the working men and women of this country…..”  (at about 1:33) and much more.  The whole clip is just a couple minutes long and it is what I would call an excellent call.  I think Tony said what a lot of people in this country are saying or at the very least thinking and he said it with no political correctness at. all.  Great!

I thought it accidentally slipped through, but the word has been blessed by the mainstream (and the president), so I guess it’s okay.

See what Jon Stewart did with the whole Libya thing. Hilarious.

Posted: 03.30.11  Updated:  03.31.11 @ 2:10 p.m. video added


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5 responses to “President said his choices in Libya “a turd sandwich” (Updated w/video)

  1. I did watch this when it aired, paraphrasing Jon Stewart, in response to “turd sandwich”. I am going to have to correct the military here, I believe what it’s supposed to be called is a “Bread based feces containment action” LOL!


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