Libya – why?

Well, I have thought about this a lot (apologize, my wrist is still sprained so can’t type too well) sincc I wrote the last post and I am still not in with this action in Libya.  Is it a matter of trust, because I do not trust this president.  I am more and more ticked off that he keeps talking to us from another country.  I see we are awaiting another address from where?  Chile.  What are these flags behind him in between the American flags?  I noticied the same thing when he spoke from  Brazil – I guess that was the flag of Brazil.  It must be a lot of trouble for these countries to set up press conferences for this American president gallivanting around while declaring war so maybe they deserve to have their flags displayed, but I don’t like it – some other flag side by side and in betwixt and between our flag.

Obama from Brazil

Well, he has not addressed Libya in this press conference in Chile, unless there is a question about it.  This is a joint press conference, so I suppose the flags are appropriate.

Ron Paul has said the Libya action is unconstitutional, Michael Moore is against it and the following congressmen have objected:

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.), Donna Edwards (Md.), Mike Capuano (Mass.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Maxine Waters (Calif.), Rob Andrews (N.J.), Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) “all strongly raised objections to the constitutionality of the president’s actions.”

This puts me in some strange company.

I do not think we should go to war unless in defense of our own country.  Period.  And then with the approval of congress, not the UN.

Obama says:  “We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy.”  Not good enough.

Plus, this is going to serve as a huge distraction to the concentration that needs to be devoted to our financial situation in this country.  Dispite his empty words, we are not out of Iraq.  This is war number 3.

Who are the “rebels?”

UN Security Council vote:  Abstaining – Russia, China, Germany, Brazil, India

Voting for the Resolution:   United States, Britain, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa

I think this vote is right but it may not be complete.  Interesting as to the countries abstaining.

Posted:  03.21.11


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9 responses to “Libya – why?

  1. Bella,

    Bill Clinton made a similar decision when he stopped the Serbs from killing Albanians. Remember Hillary and Tuzla…dodging gunfire on the tarmac…oh the good ole days What was the name of that Pig Feets Dupre song about Hillary Clinton making things up?

    There is a very good possibility that Hillary Clinton as SOS made it clear she wasn’t going to stand by while Libyan civilians were being killed, and made some kind of ultimatum behind closed doors. Remember Bill Clinton came out and criticized Obama over the lack of drilling permits in a weak economy, and non position on Libya. The same time a decision was reached about the U.S.’s involvement in the Libyan no fly zone adventure, we also were informed Hillary isn’t going to be a part of Obama 2.0 🙂

    Obama does not want to be involved in this war it does him no good going into 2012. I promise everything is being weighed against what his positions should be going into the 2012 elections. There are those that say the Clintons won’t primary him in 2012 because of party loyalty……but they sure are positioning themselves in a good spot if they decided on Hillary running in 2012.

    The Arab League was for protecting Libyan Citizens before they were against it. Turkey is stabbing us in the back again – Remember who ran that Israelis blockade where all those Israelis commandos were hurt. I am thinking of writing a new post on this topic. Title: U.S. Goes to War, Brings Accordion….Polka, Polka, Polka 🙂

    Going to war without France…
    Is like going deer hunting without an accordion…
    -Donald Rumsfeld, Feb 14, 2003


    • bellalu0

      I’d like to hear what Rumsfeld has to say about this. lol.

      France leading the way. Obama voting present again.

      You put Sarkozy, Cameron, and Obama in a sack, throw it in the river and it wouldn’t even sink.


      • Bella,

        It’s a sad state of affairs England and France attacking Libya over “Oil” who ever heard of such a thing LOL!

        Obama doesn’t want to have anything to do with what’s going on in Libya – ever since David Plouffe came to the White House, everything is viewed through a political filter for the 2012 election. Obama is being boxed in politically domestically and internationally. Hillary is the one who turned up the heat on Libya. ( This isn’t the Clinton’s first rodeo) There is some comfort knowing that Farrakhan hates the Libyan Campaign. If he’s throwing a tantrum against ousting Qaddafi than that must be a good thing. The media doesn’t even point out that Obama picked a side. The media doesn’t point out that Turkey is actively involved in trying to undermine the United States of America. Turkey is no real ally to the west. Farrakhan, Wright, Qaddafi really thought that Obama was going to chose them and their anti Semite agenda? they really are delusional. David Axelrod and Ramh Israel Emanuel are both Jewish. I can’t believe Farrakhan was “warning” the President of the United States. You would think the Secret Service would jump on that. I would.


  2. Bella,

    The Answer to Libya Why?

    “Politics” The long knives are out. I don’t know why Obama would want a second term.


  3. bellalu0

    This is the very last thing I expected from Obama.

    I don’t see how it helps him politically. It’s the last thing we need. But as far as inside Obama’s head, I do believe he is all with Wright, Farrakhan, Kadhafi. And as time goes along, he will guide things to Kadhafi’s advantage. Because in the end it’s what he does not what he says. He bends and twists in the wind, but if he has a core belief at all, it is in agreement with them. Just have to wait and see what happens.


    • Bella

      He can’t take their side, he can’t get re elected -there is no way moderates/Jewish voters will vote for anyone who sides with anti Semites. Anti Semites are plentiful in Western Europe but not in the U.S. In the end Obama is an ambitious Pol. Wright, Farrakhan, Qadaffi are just small speed bumps to Obama’s Re Election Bus 🙂 Farrakhan thought he was getting his guy into the White House. That’s how Democrats work they string along everyone – different factions and throw them scraps now and then, but mostly it’s about them and grabbing as much power as they can. Think of everything from now until the November 2012 Election having to be filtered through Obama’s re election bid to give him the best political advantage.


  4. wdednh

    This is right out of Bill Clinton play book. I think some one already mentioned it in the comments. This guy (Obama) don’t have a clue to what to do.


  5. bellalu0

    This gives me a terrible sinking feeling.
    1. no congressional approval
    2. no national interest.
    3. we can’t afford it.
    4. humanitarian? give me a break.
    5. it’s CRAZY.
    the whole world is NOT united. look at the countries that did not sign on – germany, russia, india, brazil, china


    • Bella

      Libya is about “Oil” do we get Oil from Libya? No but Western Europe and the Mediterranean countries do. Qaddafi has been allowed basically to do anything he wants, but he isn’t allowed to interrupt the flow of “Oil” Remember the Arab League signed off on this excursion – they sell Oil to the world. Qaddafi is making the Oil market spike, and they want it to end. I think Qaddafi has always been the wild card in the Opec countries for sometime. They all decided he wasn’t worth putting up with anymore.

      Obama is still trying to remake the U.S.’s image into something benign and detached. America is a catalyst for Freedom across the globe, in that sense, we will never be benign we are a “Beacon” I think social networks have just increased the reach of our Beacon, we can throw our light in to every corner of the globe that has internet access. Obama was reading a book about Reagan earlier this year….I don’t think he understands America, Beacon, and Light….which is odd because they called Obama “A Lightbringer”


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