Farrakhan to Obama “Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?”

That is just what I have been thinking and it’s keeping me up.  I would like to ask him, What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Something is not right here. What happened that caused this invasion of Libya.  We have the president of the United States OUT OF THE COUNTRY and he has not explained himself at all to the American people.  And he goes to Brazil and commits to attacks on Libya.  I just heard that Brazil did not vote for this invasion and neither did Germany.  No congressional approval.  We are being set up here.  He didn’t even mention it to congress that I know of.  He is dragging his feet and then suddenly wham.  Can you imagine the “recruiting” this will encourage for Al Quaeda.  The only reason he gave was something about we cannot allow Kadhafi to attack his people.

There is a long time connection between Kadhafi, Farrakhan, jJeremiah Wright and Barack Hussein Obama.  Kadahafi has called Obama “his son.”

Yes, a very good question:  What the hell is going on?  What is the AMERICAN INTERESTS?

(I hurt my wrist and am making lots of mistakes.  I’m sorry but I have to get this down while I’m thinking of it.)

See links below for video and read what Geller has to say.  I am not at all feeling secure with this.  Goodness – earthquakes, tsunamis,  nuclear contamination, now war in Libya?  Kadhafi is not going to go down easy.

You would think the least alleged president Obama could do is come back to the United States.  And all we heard is bloody murder about Iraq and  that was about an attack and murder of Americans.  I am not making the connection to Libya.  No American are involved or attacked or killed that I can see.  And now it’s okay.  What am I missing here.  Total unrest and all these long standing governments coming down.  Who are these “rebels?”  Could be the same type of  lawless thugs we have seen in Wisconsin of late.  God help us.

Even I can see where this will infuriate the muslim world.  I think they will unite against us because I don’t see any participation of the The Arab States. in this operation.



Posted:  03.20.11


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2 responses to “Farrakhan to Obama “Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?”

  1. bellalu0


    I didn’t say anything about his brackets, but this is ridiculous. The alleged president has gone from brackets to 126 missiles and 20 something bombs over libya and then back to sightseeing and samba.


  2. wdednh

    great post 🙂


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