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Time magazine leading the way in civility – well, not really

It seems like only yesterday that Time was running sanctimonious headlines like: Is Violent Rhetoric Behind the Attack on Giffords? [Sweetness and Light]

Sure does.  Scott Walker is pretty much a hero in standing up to the bullying and intimidation of the left-wing for a big victory and actually saved some 1,500 jobs as a result.  Time literally makes up some hair-brained story about “violent rhetoric” in Tuscon and yet their new headline front page reads “Still Dead Man Walker” in some fictional tale about Wisconsin.

It is not only hypocrisy to the enth degree but what they pass off as news is really slanderous lies.

No wonder their circulation has fallen to a mere  79,000 per week,  a 35% decrease.

I think the fact that they just continue on this course of self-destruction is convincing evidence that they have brainwashed themselves.  This is pitiful.  But the good news is that not too many people are drinking the Kool Aid along with them.  Less and less and less.

Was it Time or Newsweek that recently sold for $1.00?  I think that was Newsweek, but I doubt they can even give away Time.

Posted:  03.14.11

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ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, and NPR ignore death threats made against Wisconsin republicans

Blatant double standard and media bias

Numerous death threats were made against Wisconsin Republican lawmakers last week, but you wouldn’t know about it if your only news sources were ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, and NPR.

Posted:  03.14.11

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Could have done without the “Gridiron”

What a bunch of assholes.  Our Comedian in Chief, master of class warfare, in tails.  This man is an outrage.

This is the 126th dinner for the Gridiron, Washington’s oldest and most exclusive organization for journalists. Its motto is “singe but never burn.” Obama is the 21st president to attend the Gridiron. Every president since the club was founded in 1885 has addressed it, except for Grover Cleveland.

Well, good for Grover Cleveland.

Throughout the night, the Sarah Palin jokes keep coming, as do the Hillary Clinton jokes, unemployment jokes, AIG jokes, death-of-the-newspaper jokes, Obama-as-messiah jokes, jokes about Rahm Emanuel’s potty mouth, jokes about Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh and the fate of the GOP — everything you’ve heard before, and done better, on “The Daily Show.”

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2009/03/23/d-c-medias-gridiron-dinner-still-mocked-bush-cheney-honored-obama-histor#ixzz1Ga9NGuTF

To me, there is something obscene about his smart-ass joke telling while at the same time destroying America, defying federal judges and being held in contempt of court.  We are not in a good place as a country and he is not helping, but doing harm.   And a day after the devestation in Japan, too.   I read the lovely Kathleen Sebelius was there.   Do you think they were a couple?  Probably.  Hand in hand implementing an unconstitutional law.  And, of course, all the “journalists,” Obama’s lovers.

Wonder what the menu was.

He gets a dig in on just about everybody – from the Haley Barbour fat joke, to the republican senate.  It read as if they were all aimed at republicans, especially those who may be opposing him in November.

I don’t think he’s funny.  Could that be because I dispise him?

The best line had to be from Mitch Daniels, the republican speaker:

Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, the main Republican speaker, mockingly took a shot at the president’s penchant for assistance during his speeches.

“Mr. President you’re not laughing, who forgot to put ha-ha-ha on the teleprompter?”

Mitch Daniels?  Hmmm, wonder how long it took them to decide He would the “chosen republican” since he is the liberal media’s choice as Obama opponent.  Sorry.  They are not going to pick the opponent this time.

What a way to start off a day.  Think I’ll go back to bed and get up on the toher side.

Posted:  03.14.11

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