Mobs, violence, screaming, chanting, free-for-all

Imagine the media madness that would erupt:

Thousands of protesters tea partiers pushed past security, climbed through windows and flooded the Wisconsin Capitol on Wednesday night after Senate Republicans Democrats pushed through a plan to strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights the massive Obamacare bill against the will of the people and without reading it.

Within an hour and a half of the vote, the protesters tea party protesters had seized the building’s lower floors, creating an ear-splitting free-for-all of pounding drums, screaming chants, horns and whistles. Police gave up guarding the building entrances and retreated to the third floor.

Hmmm……and the media is not biased.  Not. one. bit.  Neither is the prez.  They love mobs…..

“But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized — at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do — it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” — Barack Hussein Obama, civility rally, Tuscon, Arizona

Posted:  03.10.11


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4 responses to “Mobs, violence, screaming, chanting, free-for-all

  1. bellalu0

    I think the democrats in Wisconsin should come back to the Senate and choose a republican partner to sit with in a show of civility.


  2. bellalu0

    Maybe Obama can come over and give a “state of the union” address, meaning explaining how all his Organizing for Obama/America people and union thugs organized against the governor right out of the white house.

    I wonder why he does not call a stop to it before somebody really gets hurt.

    “The whole world is watching!” protesters shouted outside the Assembly’s entrance.

    Oh, I hope they are watching. The hard-core Obama supporters on display.


  3. Bella,

    Chicago style politics, they are telegraphing their moves ahead of themselves. When your opponents know what your next move is going to be it gives them the advantage. I guess that team Obama can run a political campaign, but they are wet behind the ears when it comes to the Deep Waters of “American Politics” remember that post I wrote about James Carville, likes to rodeo Cajun style? James Carville, American politics is a blood sport. James Carville, If Hillary Gave Obama One Of Her Balls, ‘He’d Have Two’. Sad but somehow so true 😉

    It’s not so much that Barack Obama has been able to get himself seated in the highest chair in the land…it’s about being able to stay seated after everyone has witnessed the smarmy Chicago machinations to attain said chair.


  4. bellalu0

    KJ: Imagine if the media had not promoted and covered for him, which they continue to do. He is so incompetent in a myriad of ways. His reactions are always off, either too slow in the case of important decisions or too fast in the case of “the police acted stupidly.” What other politician in history could have gotten away with just that one fiasco alone?
    I believe he is just wired wrong, with not one American cell in his brain. That makes it difficult for him. He must be one conflicted human being.
    Just yesterday he told another pack of lies. He cited that the oil rigs in the Gulf were at “an all time high” when the number of WORKING rigs is down from 55 before the oil disaster to 25 now.

    He has defied the order to lift the moratorium even to the point of being held in contempt by a federal judge, and finally – finally Salazar approved ONE drilling permit.

    [Just saw that AP is reporting a second permit has been issued.]

    He said it would be a lot easier to be the president of China, revealing his dictator heart. Think about that – that’s COMMUNIST China he’s talking about.
    He has been jealous of Hu Jintao since his visit here because, as he lamented at the time, “They don’t have these problems in China. If the leader wants a railroad, he gets a railroad.” But President of China? I’ve been thinking about that. I think it could be arranged. 🙂


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