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The incredible child president

Barack Hussein Obama, the alleged president of the United States is always on the wrong side.   Does he speak out against the “violent rhetoric” and actual violence displayed by union protesters?  Does he call for civility that a nine year old girl can be proud of?   Is he concerned about “words that heal” when it comes to his compatriots and thugs?  Does he call for elected democrat lawmakers in Wisconsin to get back to work and act like grown-ups?

No, of course not.  Instead he, for the second time, yesterday lectures the law-abiding population about the glory of “public employees” and how they should not be “vilified.”

I’m waiting for a pep rally disguised as some kind of service where he appears with artificially grayed hair to appear old and wise to honor public employees and admonish the rest of us to give them respect.   And he’s not talking about the ones who deserve respect, but the lying, screaming variety that has been a part of this temper tantrum in Madison.

What kind of childish, biased, and prejudiced little child do we have as a leader of the free world?  As he said of Mubarak, I say about him, “It’s time for him to go.”

Posted:  03.01.11

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