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Bo Diddley’s will in dispute

The legendary rock ‘n’ roll musician’s final wishes for his family — along with his music and estate, worth an estimated $6 million — are now up for debate. And the answer depends on whom you ask.

The 12-page will is filed under his real name, Ellas Otha Bates McDaniel.  He seemed to attempt to avoid disagreements over his estate by including a phrase that anybody attempting to break the will would be disinherited, but some say that is not enforceable in Florida.

Read local coverage of his will and his family.

…..at about 71 years of age, with Tom Petty…..

1928 – 2008

Rest in Peace

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Have you no shame, Wisconsin democrats?

Cowards!  Running with tail tucked between legs comes to mind. Message: If you don’t get your way, run and hide. Not a good message for the children of the nation.

Troopers dispatched to their homes.

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